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Best Ways to Make Technology a Healthy Part of Your Relationship

Have you ever decided you wanted to hang out with your friends but when you all get together everyone’s just on their phones? In most cases, it kinda hurts when you’re genuinely trying to bond with everyone but no one wants to make the effort. “Technoference” is pretty much technology interfering with your face-to-face interactions, like how technology interfered with the bonding time you could’ve had with your whole friend group. The issue is that technoference has been an ongoing problem for a while now; unfortunately, so many relationships have faltered because of it. Unless you want to ruin your relationship, here are some ways you can work with technology instead of making it a problem.

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Always, always, always have boundaries. This applies to technology as well! When you’re at the dinner table, avoid scrolling through your phone and talk to your family instead, when laying in bed next to your partner, talk to them instead of going n your phone. You need to establish boundaries as to when and where you can use technology, it’s important to have physical interactions with the people you love.


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We’ve all texted at least once and didn’t get our thoughts through. There will always be instances where the person we text gets the wrong idea and misunderstandings start rising. We can no longer help the use of texting to inform someone of something or to simply communicate with someone so instead of blurry messages, try to read between the lines of text or be the person who is very vocal in texts, very clear and understandable. We can’t get a fixed tone to readers so try to make your statements with more clarity.

Nightly Screen Times

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Now we never said no to technology when it comes to dates. Using technology to keep yourselves entertained is a good bonding for you and your loved one. It can come in the form of watching a movie, playing a video game, or binge-watching anything. What matters the most is being physically present, doing things together, and bonding.

A Litte Bit of Change

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An advantage to texting is that it stays forever unless deleted or lost, you know the circumstances. When it comes to trying and change for the better, it’s good that you can read back on your conversations and find where you might be lacking. Since you’re already constantly texting one another, it would be a boost to your relationship if you showed them you loved them through messages. Be genuine, be sweet, and be thoughtful.


Stay consistent – it doesn’t have to mean constantly sending them paragraphs worth of messages to show them you care but rather the little things you can do online to remind them of your love. Everyday good night and good morning texts, having something only the two of you do as a daily tradition, sending them a song that reminded you of them now and then. Consistency is key to a healthy relationship, consistently doing the little things will make your partner feel your love steady on.


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