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Anxiety is a very common disorder

Anxiety is a very common disorder that a lot of people suffer from. It’s so common that some people don’t even know they have anxiety and go through its symptoms every day, suffering anxiety and all of its downs. The worst part is that people with undiagnosed anxiety don’t know the dangers they live with and the dilemma that is further disorders that follow anxiety. This article will tackle some of the less common telltales that you’re going through anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety Disorders: The Most Common Types of Anxiety and How to Deal With Them

People who have anxiety will mostly say it’s hard to explain. It’s a feeling of being overwhelmed, of being powerless yet so much more. Anxiety mostly occurs as a brain’s reaction to situations that are fearful, stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar. It’s the body’s flight or fight switch turned on to keep you alert but it isn’t always the best. Signs of anxiety come in many different forms, some of the ones you probably already heard of are: pacing, fidgeting, lip and/or nail biting and the list goes on. But there are more signs to figure out when a person has anxiety and these are just some of those:

Physical Illnesses

How an untreated mental illness can significantly increase the risk of becoming physically ill, Health News, ET HealthWorld

In some cases, people who are having an anxiety attack could suffer the physical illnesses that the brain tricks them into having, a panic attack is an example. So many people have reported that panic attacks feel like heart attacks, they can’t breathe, they get a sharp pain in their chest or sometimes they come in the form of terrible migraines.

Troubles Sleeping

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If you have been stressed out a lot lately, you might notice that your sleep schedule has been ruined, you wake up more often at night and can’t sleep again. The anxiety kicking in during the most crucial hours of your day is the worst of it all! Because your body is trying its best to be active, to keep you alert, it gives you so much energy that you can’t sleep but sleeping can also be horrible for those that have anxiety that gives them nightmares.

Eating Disorders

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Anxiety also leads to several eating disorders. In children, you can notice them losing their appetite more often or just unnatural shifts in their eating behaviors. Then again, it really depends on the person as some may turn away from food and completely lose their appetite while some will look to food to be able to not think of all the stress.

Can’t Focus Well

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People with anxiety will oftentimes find themselves losing focus often. They wouldn’t be able to work on big tasks or any task at all without looking around for a distraction. When anxiety triggers, a person’s mind is so full of thoughts and finds more things to fill. It’s like a bunch of little kids running through your brain and jumping around pointing at different things for no reason at all.

Social Isolation

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As much as anxiety brings about so much energy, it also drains a person’s social battery. People with anxiety often drift away from social gatherings and avoid human interaction as much as possible. It can be seen as a sort of coping mechanism or a form of escape from any situation that may bring more anxiety.


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