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7 Things You Should Know About Exercising

Every very accomplished athlete, whether a runner, cyclist, swimmer, or gymnast, started out as a beginner. Like you, she began from scratch, learning the fundamentals, and bumbling through successes and failures before finally succeeding. There are a few things you should know before starting an exercise program, whether you are completely new to it or are coming back after a long absence. As you firmly move toward your fitness objectives, keep these in mind.

Although Great, You Don’t Need A Gym To Be Successful

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You don’t have to leave your living room to enjoy a great exercise if you mind sharing your space with other sweaty people or are looking to save money. You only need to have sneakers, dumbbells, or resistance bands.

Feel No Obligation To Devise A Body Part Divide

Beginners should focus on total-body exercises. Compound movements, including squats, dips, push-ups, and lunges, which engage several muscle groups at once, are included in these regimens to help you build a lean, muscular body while also burning a ton of calories.

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The workout also becomes aerobic if you perform these exercises quickly back to back (i.e., without taking a lot of breaks in between), which helps you burn even more calories and avoid spending a lot of time plodding on a treadmill.

Make Sure Your Cardio Is Brief And Focused

If you’re a marathon runner or have health difficulties, extended sessions of calm, steady cardio have their place. Keep your cardio to under 30 minutes per session and work hard if neither of these situations applies. According to research, higher-intensity exercises burn more calories overall, increase endurance and maximum oxygen uptake, and burn fat faster than conventional cardio exercises.

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Bonus: High-intensity exercise also increases the production of hormones that keep you young both inside and out, such as growth hormone, which helps you build muscle and burn fat.

Put Static Stretching Last

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Returning exercisers might be shocked to find that dynamic stretching, in which you loosen your limbs with active range-of-motion activities like leg swings and arm circles before a workout, has replaced static stretching. Afterward, when your muscles are heated and you want to rest and extend them, save your static stretches.

You Will Get Hungry

In fact, you might even be famished. This is a normal and good sign, so don’t panic. It indicates that your body is changing — adding muscle and losing fat — and that it needs nutrition to do so.

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Lean proteins like grilled chicken and fish, complex carbohydrates like oats and brown rice, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables should be fed to the machine.

You Could Put On Weight

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The truth is that muscle weighs more than fat but occupies less volume. Remember that your weight just serves as a proxy for the force of gravity drawing you toward the center of the Earth. It does not account for your height, your body fat percentage, the time of the month, or any of the other dozens of variables that could alter your physical weight on a daily basis. How your clothes fit is a better indicator of progress. Even if you gain weight, if it is becoming looser, you are making progress.

Try The 80/20 Golden Rule

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Every now and then, we could all use a chocolate bar or a platter of oozy nachos. You can be a stress-free, normal human the other 80% of the time if you eat well and cleanly 80% of the time. Giving yourself a small indulgence every so often will help you stick to your program and eat healthily, which will ultimately lead to the results you want.


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