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Are Green Powders Good For Health? 

For some reason, today’s influencers all seem to be fawning over Green Powders and have endorsed all types of brands related to Green Powders. They seem to mix it into almost everything! Smoothies and water are included, but what are they? Do they truly have all the benefits influencers say they do? Are we about to Go on Green Powders?

Green Powders

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The powders that have currently taken the internet by storm claim to be extremely healthy and a perfect alternative to any green food you eat or an add-on to your meals. They contain minerals from fruits, vegetables, and leaves that have been dried-out and ground-up to give them a powder consistency perfect for mixing into liquids.

Not FDA Approved

Are green powders healthy and do they help you get your vegetables in?

Beware of the fact that Green Powders are not FDA-approved. Although they may be healthy for you, the FDA hasn’t taken tests on these products yet to ensure your safety upon intaking them. Of course, this means that drinking Green Powder drinks come with a risk which is why even in this circumstance it’s essential to first do thorough research on the product and check your health to if green powders are good enough for you. Always consult a doctor for any dietary changes you might plan to make.

Are they Healthy?

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Although they do provide most nutrients found in the source food they were made of, the drying and grounding process may kill off some of the food’s Vitamin Cs and fibers which are also important parts of your diet. But then again, Green Powders do have benefits such as the prebiotics and probiotics they can provide for your body. These two work hand-in-hand for your digestive system to work smoothly.

Side Effects

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There are side effects of green powders. One major side effect is the ineffectiveness of a certain medicine or vitamin you might be taking. Because Green Powders are made of several different foods, some of these might attack the medication you need to take. Again, consult your doctor and find out if your dietary plan works well with your medication and vice versa. Nothing in this world is a one size fits all formula, you will always have needs that are to be specifically catered to you. Another word of caution, Green Powders, aren’t approved by the FDA, as we mentioned earlier. Some of these products on the market may contain dangerous minerals that could lead your harm, always be wary and look out for any signs of risks.




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