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Celebrities That Never Got Married

Many Hollywood celebrity marriages are known not to last very long due to reasons that are sometimes best known to the couple. Because almost everyone and the media are aware of the likelihood of celebrity marriages failing all the time, some celebrities have chosen to avoid drama. They chose to stay single and avoid the statistics of celebrity marriages going off the rails. Some of these celebrities who never got married are listed here.


Sarah Silverman, age 51 

As a very high-profile celebrity, Sarah Silverman has chosen to stay out of the celebrity marriage breakup trouble by choosing her career over romance. Although she has been involved in a series of engagements with notable people, Sarah has opted out of married life. Even at 51, she is known to focus more on work, and this has probably not allowed her to decide to walk down the aisle yet.


Al Pacino, age 82 

Now in his 80s, Al Pacino has remained in his position of saying no to the matrimonial world. He was known as the ladies’ ultimate bad boy in his youth and has been linked to numerous relationships; however, he prefers to remain single. Although Al Pacino may not have tied the knot, he is a father to his three grown kids.


Winona Ryder, age 50 

Ryder is currently linked romantically with her partner, Scott Hahn, who she has been with for over 11 years; the wedding bells have, however, not been heard. Before Scott, Ryder had also been engaged to some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, but none had led to her walking down the aisle.


Jeremy Piven, age 57 

Famous for his character on the HBO show Entourage as Ari, Jeremy Piven has always shared his life with the public, but when it comes to his romantic life or marriage plans, the TV star stays quiet. He is famous for his involvement in several TV shows and theater productions, as work appears to be all the star is concerned with rather than popping the big question to anyone.


Shakira age: 45 

The famous musician Shakira is involved with the footballer Gerard Pique, who is also her baby daddy, but it seems the star has no plans for marital life. Shakira has been with her baby daddy for well over 10 years, and she has always told the truth that she has no intention of getting married just yet.


Leonardo DiCaprio, age 47 

The award-winning star at 47 makes the list of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, and he has no plans of tying the knot with anyone. DiCaprio is always romantically linked with a series of his supermodel girlfriends, but it is clear that marriage is not on the actor’s list at all.


Charlize Theron, age 47 

Throughout her career, Theron has been engaged and in long-term relationships with men who are famous faces in Hollywood, but none of them have made it to marriage. The star has, however, chosen to commit her life to another by adopting her son, whom she decides to care for instead of tying the knot for marital bliss with any man.


John Cusack, age 56 

In a series of interviews, John has always made it clear whenever the question of why the star hasn’t been married yet comes up. He is known to say that he would do whatever he pleases, and how he wants it done remains entirely up to him. John Cusack is famous for always portraying the character of a nerd or quirky heartthrob in movies, starting in the 1980s.


Mary-Louise Parker age: 58 

Mary-Louise has been in a series of long-term relationships that have lasted for many years, but she has not been able to find the perfect marriage material yet. She, however, has two children, whom she is busy raising at the moment. Who knows? The wedding bells may just be around the corner for the star.


Matt Dillon, age 58 

Although the star is not the type to settle down, he has remained in a very happy relationship with his partner, Roberta. The couple has been in a very long relationship, which is about a decade long, but the wedding bells have remained out of the talks—maybe for now, who knows?


Mindy Kaling, age 43 

She loves to keep her romantic life very private as she is also busy raising her son and daughter. The comedian and writing icon is very pleased with her life as it is currently, and she has kept any thoughts of marriage to herself, not sharing them with the public.


Simon Cowell, age 62 

Simon Cowell, after a string of long-term relationships, is unlikely to engage in marriage talks. He does, however, have a child with his current girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, but as expected, marriage talks are far-fetched.


Chelsea Handler’s age is 47

To stay focused on her career, Chelsea Handler has chosen to stay unmarried and also not give birth. She has, of course, had huge success in her career on Netflix and also on the E! Network. Chelsea always says she wants to remain independent and unbothered by things like marriage or children. Looking at her career success, we can say that she has achieved her aim.


Owen Wilson, age 53 

One of the finest Hollywood bachelors, Owen Wilson, has remained unmarried throughout his years. He is a father to three children and has been in several relationships, but the actor has chosen to remain unmarried instead of getting in and out of romantic relationships, which seems too hard to handle.


Lucy Liu, age 53 

Liu has chosen to stay unmarried all through the years even though she has been involved in a series of serious romantic relationships. She is however a mother who is known to have embraced her new life and motherhood while choosing to stay clear of marital life.


Jared Leto, age: 50 

The blue-eyed star Jared Leto is not just the marriage type of person, and he does not deny this fact at all. He has been in a series of romantic relationships, but he is not taking anyone down the aisle any time soon. At age 50, Leto has even put the talk of dating anyone seriously out of the question.


Andrea Tantaros, age: 43

The trailblazer and Fox analyst, Andrea Tantaros, just like the other celebrities mentioned above, does not have the thought of marital life crossing her mind. She is, however, in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend of many years, Dave Navarro. Even though the couple has been together since 2015, there are no major plans for making their relationship official just yet. Andrea is a busy woman who is occupied with dealing with the bad guys in the news.


Chris Evans, age 41 

The handsome actor, best known as Captain America, is currently single and has no plans to marry. Chris Evans has been in quite a series of romantic relationships, but he keeps his relationships very private, and we know that the talk of marriage is very far from the actor.


Anna Kournikova age: 41

Together with her popular partner and singer Enrique Iglesias, Anna has three kids, and the relationship has lasted 18 long years. With all of these points, it shows clearly that Anna is not taking the big step of going down the aisle as they have both sustained a beautiful partnership over these years.


Seth MacFarlane, age 48 


At 48 and still yet to find the right person to have a lifetime relationship with or marry, Seth MacFarlane is still out there single. He has, however, been in several relationships, none of which have been ideal for him to call his own.


Tyra Banks age: 48


Tyra has been in a series of A-list relationships over the years, but the TV host and model is just yet to find that special one. Tyra has also been attributed to having mentioned that she does not believe in the marriage institution, which very well fuels her decision to stay clear of that path in life.


Billy Crudup, age 54 


Billy Crudup is famous for his previous relationships that didn’t go so well when he left his girlfriend of so many years and ended up with a much younger woman, Claire Danes. He met Claire on a movie set and they both hit it off, however, the relationship never lasted, and since Billy has been in a series of relationships with no end in sight.


Matthew Perry, age 53 


Perry is not the marriage type as he has been linked romantically with many A-list actresses in Hollywood but has not made it down the aisle with anyone. There was a glimpse of hope that the actor was set to take the big step when he was engaged to his fiancé, Molly, but the relationship came to a sudden end, which was unexpected.


Allison Janney, age 62 


The superstar actress has never stopped speaking her mind about her disbelief in the marriage institution, and this has made her stay clear of that path in life. She has been in different high-profile relationships but has nevertheless maintained her stance on her beliefs. Allison has made a clear path for herself by becoming very successful in her career and also living her best life.


Chris Isaak, age 66 


The music icon may have sang about falling in love, but he does not mean that in the real sense of marriage since at 66, he is yet to take that big step. Chris is busy taking his music career to the next level by touring and performing as much as he wants.


Cote de Pablo, age 42 


Popular as one of the fan favorites from NCIS, the beautiful Cote de Pablo has continued to stay silent about her wish to get married or not. She once had a romantic relationship that was in the spotlight, but after the relationship ended in 2015, Cote refused to speak about her love life and relationships in public.


Hugh Grant, age 62 


The British celebrity has always been known to be the type that doesn’t wish to get married at all, and this is very evident in his past relationships. He has been involved in many high-profile relationships, but none have made it into his marital life. Hugh has, however, been with someone privately, and he has also welcomed his first child with his lover.


Dana Delany, age: 66 


Dana has appeared in several TV shows and blockbuster films, but the ageless star has been accused of having a negative attitude toward the marital institution over the years. However, she recently had a change of mind and is said to be open to the new change, which may see her getting married one day or not.


John Mayer, age 44 


John has never hidden his romantic relationships from the public, as he readily chats about them in the media. He has, however, not been able to keep a relationship that would lead him to marriage, and one would wonder if he has remained unmarried due to his chatty behavior about his private life to the media.


Diane Keaton, age 76 


With the mindset that she has it all, Diane Keaton has never been the one to stay married or be involved in any serious romantic relationships. She has, however, established a successful career in Hollywood and is the proud mother of two adopted children. We believe that at 76, she is more than satisfied with her life as she lives it to the fullest.


Bobby Cannavale, age 52 


Bobby has been in a serious relationship with his longtime partner of 10 years, Rose Bryne, and the two have stayed happy keeping their relationship this way. The actor has also made a very beautiful career for himself in Hollywood and is credited with many successful movies.


Dina Meyer, age 53 


Dina is famous for her characters in the movies Starship Troopers and Saw Franchise, and she is also a very private person. She has managed to keep the public out of her romantic relationship, and many wonder if the actress is ever going to commit to anyone soon or walk down the aisle.


Drew Carey age: 64


Drew has just not found the one person made for him yet, as he has been in a series of serious relationships in the past that have left him with heartaches. One such headache was when his girlfriend passed away suddenly. The Price Is Right host still hopes to fall in love one day, and it may lead to that marital life.


Edie Falco, age 59 


Edie is famous for the movies Nurse Jackie and The Sopranos, but when it comes to marriage, she just doesn’t see it as a good thing. She made up her mind to stay clear of marital life after watching her parents’ marriage fall apart in divorce. At 59, Edie Falco is raising her two kids joyfully, and she also has two hits on HBO shows as an accolade for her successful career.


David Muir, age 48 


The news anchor has never mentioned that he does not like the idea of marriage; he has only said that when he finds the one, he would consider it. Well, at 48, the 20/20 news anchor is believed to still be searching for that right person.


Eva Mendes, age 48 


Eva shares parenthood with her partner of over 10 years, Ryan Gosling, and she has no plans of walking down the aisle. She is busy enjoying her life as it is and does not wish to take her romantic relationship any further.


Garry Shandling 


The late funnyman Garry Shandling was indeed an everlasting bachelor as he was never married. He had, however, many romantic relationships while he was still alive, but none ever made it to marital life. He was a great comedian and talk show host who had also starred in many blockbuster movies and TV shows.


Helena Bonham Carter, age 56 


Although she has been in a longtime romantic relationship with her partner, Tim Burton, the actress has never been married. Many of her fans believe that the hat actress is married, as she has stayed private with her life and kept her relationship simple and away from marriage talks.


Sheryl Crow, age 60 


The musician is not against the marriage union, but she just hasn’t met her special one yet. Her hit songs speak about love, and this shows clearly that she is a lover; however, marriage is still not part of Sheryl’s love story.


Benicio Del Toro, age 55 


Now in his 50s, Benicio Del Toro has remained mute about his private life, as very little is known about it. All we know is that he has a daughter and has been in a series of romantic relationships that have led to marriage. He is probably living his best life as a single person.


Holland Taylor, age 79 


Taylor is surely not the one for marriage as she has made it clear that she does not like the marriage institution or ever wants to have kids. She was, however, once engaged, but that went down the drain. She is now linked with a fellow actress, Sarah Paulson, with whom she has had a successful and longtime relationship.


Jacqueline Bisset, age: 78 


Famous for her acting in movies such as Bullitt, the actress remains one of Hollywood’s finest women. She has made a name for herself in the industry and believes that marriage isn’t just for her; hence, she has remained single over the years. Jacqueline still very much enjoys her independent life and loves to remain single.


Joan Jett, age: 63 


The popular musician has made hits since the 80s and stands as a trailblazer for bad boss females. Joan has been in several romantic relationships, but she has never made it down the aisle. At 63, Joan Jett is probably still taking her time and also searching for the right person.


Jon Hamm age: 51 


Although the actor has been dating the actress, Anna Osceola, for some time now, there are no signs of the actor getting married soon. Jon is probably trying to bring alive his movie character Don Draper by being one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood.


Jorja Fox, age 54 


Jorja is a fan favorite from the original CSI, but this beautiful star is just yet to find that one person made for her, hence her reason for still staying unmarried at 54. She often voices out that she has only been in one relationship her entire life, so we believe there is still a chance in the future for her to make that big decision.


Kimberly Stewart, age: 43 


The reality star is the daughter of royalty icon Rod Stewart, and she is yet to walk down the aisle as well. She has, however, been romantically linked with several celebrities and has previously been engaged, but she has never married.


Kourtney Kardashian, age: 43 


The famous reality-TV star of Keeping up with the Kardashians and one of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney has had several romantic relationships and has a child with her baby daddy, Scott Disick. The reality star has been with Scott for many years, but she has made it clear that marriage wasn’t just in the cards for her.


Kristin Davis, age 57 


Kristin has an adopted daughter that she is focused on raising and enjoying life. Even though in the movie, Sex, and the City, she portrayed the character of Charlotte, who was busy getting married, Kristin is the opposite of that character in the real world.


Lauren Graham, age 55 


This celebrity managed to keep her romantic relationship away from the spotlight until she started dating her boyfriend, Peter Krause, who is also a co-star of their show, Parenthood. The couple has been together for many years but has never decided to tie the knot. Hopefully, the future will be different for the couple, and we will see them walking down the aisle.


Lauryn Hill, age 47 


Lauryn has had a pretty busy life, and she has been in long-term relationships with two partners and has six children to show for it. Lauryn recently became a grandmother, and we are sure that she is super excited and happy about how her life is unfolding. Her music career is also one to envy as she has made a big name for herself.


Marisa Tomei, age 57 


The gorgeous Marisa Tomei is a face you will mostly find in many blockbuster movies, but little has been made public about her romantic life. She has been rumored to be in a series of A-list relationships with Hollywood actors, but she refuses to reveal any details to the public.


Bill Maher, age 66 


The comedian, HBO host, and political analyst is known as Hollywood’s playboy bachelor, and she has dated many models without settling down with any of them. He has also said that his comedy is his main focus and cannot be distracted by settling down with just anyone.


Miranda Richardson, age 64 


Famous for her characters in Harry Porter, Game of Thrones, and Sleepy Hollow, the actress has had a very good career in Hollywood. However, she prefers to keep her romantic life very private and has also decided to remain single and not get married.


Adrien Brody, age 49 


Adrien has starred in many movies and has shared the spotlight with many A-list actresses, who he has also dated in the real world. He has, however, remained unmarried even as he approaches his 50s. He is a typical Hollywood playboy who probably sees marriage as a distraction.


Oprah Winfrey, age 68 


Although she has never been married, she has dated just one man for over 30 decades with no signs of ever settling down. In any interview where she is asked about her plans for marriage, the TV host has always made it clear that she is super happy with her current relationship and the way things have turned out for her and her lover.


Queen Latifah, age 52 


Queen Latifah has never been married, but she is known to be in a happy long-term relationship with her girlfriend, Eboni. The couple is also rumored to share a child, but the star knows how to keep her life and romance very private from the public.


Ricky Gervais, age 61 


Ricky has never been married, but he has shared a happy romantic relationship with his longtime partner, Jane, for over four decades. Even today, he still enjoys talking about his love for Jane and how happy they both are in the relationship. Since they are both happy and have been with each other all these years, there is probably no need to change all of that just for a piece of paper.


Robin Roberts, age 61 


Even without the wedding bells ringing for this news anchor, she is surely in love with her partner, Amber. She has been in the relationship for well over 10 years and doesn’t show signs of changing what they currently share for any reason, including marriage.


Rose Bryne, age: 43 


Rose has been in a very intimate relationship with fellow star Bobby Cannavale for well over a decade, but the pair does not have the desire to make it official in the matrimonial sense. Rose and her partner still get to act like newlyweds on their social media posts and whenever they are in public together.


Sarah Paulson age: 47 


Sarah has been in a longtime relationship with her lover and girlfriend, Holland Taylor, for over 6 years, and the pair do not look forward to changing their relationship. The two of them are super happy with each other and plan to keep their lives that way.


Shonda Rhimes age: 52


All that has been made public about the romantic life of the 52-year-old writer and creator is that she is currently single. She has managed to keep her life out of the spotlight and maintain her privacy.


Susan Boyle age: 61 


Susan Boyle has always stated in her interviews that she has no interest in romantic relationships or even the marriage institution. She prefers to enjoy her single life alone while focusing only on her music career.


Taylor Swift age: 32


Swift sure loves the marriage institution, and she sings about love in her music, but she is probably just yet to find the right guy. She is known to often make mention of her belief in fairytale marriage, and hopefully, she finds what she wants soon.


Kylie Minogue, age 54 


The Australian superstar has always been busy with her music career, and she has also taken up reality show hosting gigs and interviews like Graham Norton. At 54, Kylie Minogue is currently in a relationship, but she shows no sign of settling down at all.


Tim Robbins age: 63 


Tim was in a long-term relationship with the actress, Susan Sarandon and this lasted for well over a decade before they both went their separate ways. Even before they both went their separate ways, Tim and Susan had always made it clear that they did not believe in the marriage institution at all.


Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn 


This pair has shown us all that marriage should not be the only way you can have a family of your own and live your lives the best way possible. Without getting married, they both have been together for many years, and they share grown children and grandchildren already.


These celebrities have shown us that the marriage institution should not be the only way to enjoy a beautiful relationship with your lover. They all can choose to stay single and have a wonderful life. Others have also taken a single life seriously and are making the best of their time.


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