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Celebrities Who Escaped Balding

1. John Travolta

Celebrity Men Who Lost Their Hair

Balding at his age doesn’t seem to be huge news but it surely reminds us that the action star looks incredible in any hair-do.

2. Jude Law

Jude Law's hair has returned! Actor is no longer bald, but with thick curls - Mirror Online

Jude Law will forever remain a heartthrob even with a receding hairline!

3. James Nesbitt

Cold Feet's James Nesbitt 'to have SIXTH hair transplant' after spending £100,000 battling baldness | The Sun

Bloodlands’ James Nesbitt has had his hairline receding since the early 2000s regardless, he is a great actor.

4. Kevin Costner

celebrity hair transplants, kevin costner | Hair transplant, Kevin costner, Hair loss

I guess for Kevin Costner, the way you style your hair can really change the way it looks. Or perhaps he had some secret hair-thickening shampoo he’s been holding out on the world.

5. John Cryer

Jon Cryer Hair Transplant

So when you look at his pictures, you can clearly see him balding at the top in one while having thick, glossy hair in the other. Apparently, it’s all thanks to specialists and professionals who helped with the illusion. Which one was the illusion? That’s up to your imagination.

6. David Silva

David Silva's new hair has ruined him and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise

The beloved football player was suddenly seen with a whole bald head and then quickly after with thick hair that grew way too fast to be normal. Fans have speculated him going under the knife for a hair transplant.

7. Wayne Rooney

How did Wayne Rooney get back his hair? - Hair loss success story.

It seems like most men on this list have had something done to not look too bald. Obviously, so did Wayne Rooney with his thick top head.

8. Chris Martin

Celebrities Hair Transplant: Approved Stories.

Yet another Fix, Chris Martin’s hairline reversed its receding plans, and now, he looks as young as he did then.

9. Jeremy Piven

Pin on Balding Celebrities

The award-winning Jeremy Piven also had things done to his hair. It’s clear how drastically his hairline was receding, well not anymore! We can totally see the whole transformation and we love it.

10. AJ McLean

AJ McLean Is Nearly Unrecognizable After Shaving His Face - E! Online

Whether this Backstreet Boy decides to shave all of his hair off or have a hair transplant to keep him looking young, his confidence is over the top and we just can’t help fan-girling/boying over him all over again.

11. Declan Donnelly

The Declan Donnelly hair transplant story - His Hair Clinic

The world-famous Dec of Ant & Dec and beloved TV host, Declan Donnely’s hair started receding then didn’t! The best part is that he didn’t even go through a hair transplant but instead did other methods.

12. Hugh Laurie

Playing House was a nightmare, says Hugh Laurie (x-post from r/entertainment) : r/HouseMD

Hugh Laurie once wanted to stay balding but decided to change his mind, now, he looks as ravishing as ever with his brown hair and blue eyes.

13. Wess Welker

LOOK: Broncos WR Wes Welker embraces hair transplant surgery -

Wess was a former football player turned coach whose hair issues were something the had to deal with throughout his career. He went through procedures to have his hair fixed and he’s not ashamed to show it.

14. Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon Hair Transplant | Sapphire Hair Clinic

Unless you’re from the UK, you might now know who Rob Brydon is but with just the picture you can tell how his hairline was fixed and turned into such beautiful locks.

15. Mel Gibson

Celebrities That May Have Gotten Hair Transplants | List of Famous Men Who May Have Plugs

Mel Gibson didn’t just grow his hair, he grew his beard too! We love the new look on him, definitely somewhat favorite rich uncle who acts like Santa vibes.

16. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage: Dying of the Light pictures show Cage aged with grey hair and goatee beard - Mirror Online

A household name with a voice to remember, Nicolas Cage’s career wasn’t the only thing that was flourishing. His hair was thinning and his hairline receding until he decided to take back time.

17. Kyran Bracken

Kyran Bracken's Hair Transplant Woes

Ice Skater Kyran Bracken suffered from patchy baldness. He wanted to get things fixed and so he did. Unfortunately, getting a hair transplant didn’t make his problems go away as he still gets patchy bald spots.

18. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton Bald Store, SAVE 39% -

Billy Bob didn’t just get his face done, he made sure his hair looked just as beautiful as he did. Hair flicked his thinning head away and gave the industry yet another look of his fabulous self.

19. Tom Brady

Tom Brady's Hairline - MN Rube Chat

The football star and father used to have a receding hairline which obviously got fixed! He never admitted to getting a hair transplant though but we love him either way.

20. Jason Gardiner

Hair transplant: Truth about my 21k cure for baldness by Jason Gardiner | Daily Mail Online

With or without hair, Jason Gardiner is sure to make heads spin with his fantastic looks. It’s without a doubt though that his hair transplant was an absolute success.

21. Elton John

Elton John Toupee - It's No Longer A Rumor! - Lewigs

Now Elton is obviously getting a whole lot older so balding isn’t something we should be so shocked of when it comes to him. He wears wigs now due to past experiences with horrible hair transplants.

22. Edward Norton

In his younger years, it’s clear that Edward had a receding hairline along with his alleged “hard to work with” attitude. It seems that he’s got most of his problems fixed though he doesn’t admit it.

23. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams reveals the REAL reason for his puffy face - Irish Mirror Online

The singer-songwriter most definitely looks dashing either way but we adore the look of thicker hair on him.

24. Louis Walsh

I Need My Hair to Hurry Up and Fall Out

Yet another TV personality on the list, Louis also had a quite drastic receding hairline which he admits to having gotten fixed. Not so funny thing is, he allegedly got his transplant because Simon Cowell kept mentioning Walsh’s balding head.

25. Steve Carrell

Steve Carell left The Office because showrunners 'didn't call' after he suggested he depart | Daily Mail Online

The Office definitely did some stuff to his hair, we’re not sure if it’s just styling or his hair thinning.


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