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Have you ever thought of actually washing your hairbrush?

Have you ever thought of actually washing your hairbrush? Yeah, wash and not just remove the strands of hair stuck to it but actually cleanse your brush. Well, now’s your chance to do it. Having a clean brush is just as important as washing your hair when it comes to keeping your scalp and hair healthy and clean. In this article, we’ll talk about cleaning your Hairbrush the right way.

Why do we need to wash our brushes?

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Well think about it, you don’t only brush your hair when it’s clean, do you? No, you brush it anytime. You could even wash it when it’s sticky with oils, sweat, and dead skin buildup which stick to the bristles of your brush. Perhaps you use gel or spray to achieve a beautifully slick, clean look. Either way, you’re leaving gunk and grime on your brush that stays there. Having all that buildup constantly going back and brushed into your scalp is nowhere near healthy so in order to keep your scalp clean and fresh. If you start to notice itchiness on your scalp, it could be due to your dirty brush. Dead hair and skin fall off and sticks to your brush daily. So if you want your hair to grow healthier and your scalp is less oily and clearer, wash that brush!

How often should you wash them?

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It’s not so hard to clean your brush, at best, you should wash them every once a week. Removing the hairs from the bristles is the first step to go and your stepping stone to the habit. You don’t even need to buy anything to clean your brush, the wash that keeps your brush lasting longer and your hair healthier takes just about effort and resources as washing your own hair. Remember, washing your brush avoids irritation, inflammation, scalp pimples dandruff and so much more.

What to do

At this point, you’re probably wondering what to do in order to wash your hairbrush. Well if you’re ready to be sanitary 101, read the following steps to keep your brushes and combs clean for your luscious hair and immaculate scalp.

1. Remove Hair from Bristles

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Again the first step to cleaning the brush is to remove the strands of hair from the bristles of your brush. These hairs are dirty, attract dust, and already have oils from your scalp. You don’t want any of that back on your clean, fresh hair. It’s also going to be so much easier on the next steps if you have an already clear brush.

2. Soak and/or Scrub

How to Clean Hair Brushes (The Ultimate Guide) — Pro Housekeepers

The next step is to soak your brush, this is to break down any debris that is stuck onto the surfaces of your brush. You can use the same shampoo you use for your hair and leave it to soak for about 10-15 minutes. You can’t just leave it to soak, of course, it’ll be much cleaner if you scrub your brush after soaking. You can either use your hands or bring in a clean (not used) toothbrush to really get rid of any stuck-on-there grime. If you feel like soaking isn’t up to your standard, if your brush can handle it, you can run it through hot water and then proceed to scrub the surfaces. And just a reminder, don’t soak wooden or natural brushes. This could ruin the material, always be sure what you’re doing won’t turn into your brush deteriorating instead.

3. Rinse and Air Dry

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Lastly, you’re going to need to rinse off any remaining soap from the brush. Once it’s all rinsed, set it down on a towel or cloth for the excess water to be soaked. Remember to turn your brush’s bristles down so the water can run down and not dry on the surfaces. And there you have it, folks, you’ve got yourself a clean brush. But then again, cleaning your brush just contributes to better hair but you still have to commit yourself to actually cleaning your scalp regularly and treating your hair with love. Nothing happens out of magic so get the work done and make your locks look absolutely gorge!

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