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If You Are Suffering from Hair Loss, Experts Say You Should Stop Eating This Food

Whether you were informed or not, you should know that what you drink and eat affects your hair health. But this is not to say that hair loss is attributed to your diet. Even though a lack of nutrients can cause hair loss, other factors contribute to hair loss. These factors include hormone fluctuations, specific medications, aging, genetics, illnesses, and stress. The meals you eat and the ones you avoid can boost the process, even though the only real treatment for hair growth is persistence and time. Here are some suggestions from experts on hair loss on two snacks you ought to stay away from if you’re worried about hair loss as you choose what to eat each day.

Processed Snacks

As tempting as it is to always much on crisp, salty, chips, hair loss experts say that it is not healthy if you do not want to lose your hair.  Processed snacks contain lots of sodium and sugar, making them bad for hair health. Chips are high in fat, which can cause hair loss and other health problems like heart disease, according to Amr Salem, a specialist in micro scalp pigmentation at INKredible Scalp. He further said the best thing you can do to prevent hair loss is to stay away from foods that are heavy in salt and sugar. Dandruff and hair loss are known to be caused by these two substances.So, as you avoid chips and salty snacks, other processed snacks with high sugar content like soda, candy, and even cereals, do not help your hair health.

Processed Foods - Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter

“Essentially, higher blood sugar can result in increased insulin levels, fewer SHBG levels, higher chance of DHT binding to hair follicles, and increased risk of loss of hair and other medical issues,” explains Yannis Giantzides, managing director at Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics. “Steviol glycosides are the ‘natural sugar alternative,’ and I would advise switching to products that contain them.”


That sounds surprising, right? After all, Sushi is made from fish which is a great source of protein. So, why is it causing hair loss? Well, you are right about it being a fish, but it depends on the type of fish you use. “The sushi is not what causes hair loss; it is the lots of protein and sodium contained in it that causes it,” says Salem. “ The salt in it causes your scalp to produce excess oil and protein, making your hair look greasy.” So, now you know that Sushi is not the problem here; the problem is that some type of fish you might want to use contains high amounts of mercury.

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Any food that has a high mercury content, which includes fish like swordfish and shark, is not good for the hair, according to Giantzides. “Mercury reacts with zinc in our bodies, which is the main cause. We advise against eating these fish because mercury interferes with the process of zinc, the metal that promotes hair development.

Best Snacks for Healthy Hair

These snacks might not be considered snacks to you because they are more like vegetables and food. These snacks  include eggs and leafy greens containing vitamin A, which is essential for hair growth, according to Giantzides. If you want a quick healthy snack you can make before an activity; you can try out sweet potato fries. Giantzides says that sweet potatoes are great sources of beta-carotene; our body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which helps hair health.

9 Best and Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss | Styles At Life

If you are feeling stressed because you are experiencing hair loss, your first resort is to check what you snack on. Then you should consider visiting a dermatologist who is a better judge of the cause of your hair loss and can provide a customized plan to help you.

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