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Jaw-Dropping Tattoos You MUST Check Out

We’ve collated the most astonishing tattoos for you to check out. Most of them were inspired by something significant, while the rest were impulsive. Regardless, they’re all worth your time.

Cheshire Grin

In daylight, this tattoo gives an immediate impression of a Cheshire cat smile. But over glowing blue light, it reveals the rest of the cat’s body. The tattoo art shows how the cat’s body disappears until the smile is all you can see.


Family Friend

Regular people would think this is simply a camel-on-foot drawing – it really takes a moment to understand the point of this tattoo. We love that it’s pretty easy to hide in a pair of shoes or boots.


Hot Stuff

The goat is living in paradise, much to the envy of viewers. The classic neon orange and red colors glow against the goat’s black fur yet blend easily. From the look of that cup, the goat is having a cold and refreshing drink.


Photography Major

Tattoos like this ring a bell before the owner speaks. We can assume that she loves photography or likes to smile at the camera. This tattoo is an optical illusion to feel like she’s holding an old-fashioned camera from the 90s.


Mustache YOU a Question

This tattoo feels more clownish than an art illustration. If anyone asks if she’s got a mustache, she’ll whip it out, shouting, ‘Here it is!’ While this tattoo must’ve been painful to create, it’s worth the joke.


Third Eye

Isn’t this the most realistic tattoo you’ve ever seen? Third Eye is a 3D drawing of a vibrant, seeking eye. It further appears that the person’s body is breaking apart, revealing the darkness that lies underneath.


Old School

Even Grandma’s got a shiny tattoo. This is Betty Boop, one of the world’s famed cartoon characters since the 1930s. Perhaps, Grandma loved Betty Boop since she was young and decided to get a tattoo to keep her close.


Forever Tribute

Tattoos are a perfect way to keep loved ones close, including pets. This art on skin uses vibrant colors, shading, and intricate details to show how much they’d miss the dog. Perhaps, this will create a much stronger bond between the dog and its owner.


Rolling Landscape

This tattoo describes a beautiful night scenery with a crystalline valley, pine trees, and a flowing river. With the dark crescent moon hovering above the landscape, it’s easy to see how stunning the night can be. This tattoo shows us how much the owner loves geography and nature.


Fair Warning

Everyone needs a little humor to get through life sometimes. A tattoo is perfect for making a joke last longer after it’s spoken. This suggestive piece of writing warns that viewers should apply discretion. Lovers might find this warning sign comical.


Childhood Whimsy

Here’s how someone turned a kid’s art project into a colorful piece of tattoo. This art crafted on the skin is just as chaotic as the one on the drawing board. There’s enough color and all sizes of shapes in the mix – all it needs is some glitter for the finishing touch.


Secret Garden

This mixture of delicate wings, petals, and growing mushrooms looks like fairies painted a forest on her skin. Its black-and-white color scheme creates more realism within the art, bringing each detail to life.


Don’t Have a Cow

For those who’ve never had a cow in their face, this 3D tattoo might appear quite disturbing. But we like this cow – the tongue, mouth, and large snout look cut out of newspaper. Most people would likely remember beef whenever they see this tattoo.


The Gang’s All Here

This is premium Chinese iconography depicting cats, frogs, and demons. Each tattoo on the fingers covers enough detail to make you recognize the image without appearing overcrowded. There’s also some light shading, and these characters can stay with the owner on all their journeys.


Goodbye(?) Kitty

No one would order a sushi cat for dinner, but it’s easy to applaud the creativity behind this tattoo. Its careful pink shades actually capture the image of raw tuna while highlighting this cat mermaid. Delicate sketches make the rice appear textured and authentic.


Dynamic Hero

Realistic tattoos are the best forms of tattoos, which applies to this Spiderman eager to jump out of the still movie frame. Our favorite Spiderman is a 3D image complete with highlights, dynamic posing, and blur tricks. The black-and-white background places Spiderman as the center of attraction.


Developing Tastes

Some people’s tattoo checklist involves getting the name of their favorite celebrity inscribed on their skin. But when it’s hard to stick to one favorite, they have to cancel and write a new name. This man’s tattoo screams a constant change in celebrity artists and musicians. At the moment, we can tell he’s in love with Taylor Swift.


Interstellar Travel

Getting matching tattoos of the planets in the universe must be the dopest thing you can do with your partner. These Saturn rings, made with dark shades and light wispy strokes, remind us of a world outside earth. They also capture different angles of the planet orbiting in  space.


Magical Being

Full-face tattoos are the most daring forms of art – some people would instead not do it. This man defies societal standards by covering his face in drawings of ancient symbols and mystical creatures. The color mixture, patterns, and endless swirls make it look like a giant living organism. You might even mistake the man for a magical being.


What Lurks Underneath

Getting realistic tattoos is a fad that’ll hardly grow old. In this case, the man hides a 3D drawing of a massive eye under his chin. Just a gentle tilt backward, you can see that eye wide open, glaring at you. Veins and layers of pink skin make this eye somewhat troubling.


Scourge of the Swamp

This vampire frog saunters from the fog with ready white fangs, desirous of an unfortunate person’s neck. This tattoo could be an inside joke or a valid reference to species of vampire frogs who fly. However, we know that flying species are looking for human blood.


The Naturalist

This intricate design of moths, leaves, petals, and pine needs to make this person’s leg look like a page from your high school textbook. It looks like a tribute to nature, appreciating the place of plants and animals in our society.


Words of Wisdom

Here goes an inscription clarifying why you don’t need a tattoo. This writing is probably inspired by someone who sought advice about getting a tattoo. Perhaps, this was the perfect response to that advice.


Gallows Humor

This is a dark humor tattoo that is probably laughing at death – and showing others to do the same too. The bold, crisp, and easily identifiable drawing makes a very bold claim, which some viewers might find disturbing.


Hipster Animation

First, we must applaud the artist who designed this tattoo—a headless woman flexing her body frame on another woman’s hip. The intricate details are neatly done, and it confirms that there’s no part of the skin that cannot have good tattoo art.


Black Widow Woman

Now, this is quite a unique tattoo considering its position and symbolism. There’s most likely some backstory to this venomous spider etched on this woman’s earlobe. Spiders have ancient links to Athena, Greek mythology. Perhaps, this woman loves sages and older people’s wisdom?


Bad Grandma

Reminding the rest of the family that this isn’t your regular grandma. This old lady looks like nobody messes with her and gets away with it. She fought battles in her prime and has got those colorful neck tattoos to show.


Beach Bummed

This Grim reaper tattoo brings back some memories. We think the owner is some Floridian kid who decided to get a tattoo after high school to celebrate his gap year before college. Congratulations, the kid is probably an adult who works at the local grocery.


Is this an Innuendo?

Not the best of tattoos, but these drawings on the tongue do make a statement. There’s no guarantee they paid to have these, but it must be hard to keep up with this trend.


Then & Now

It took a while to get to the second, but this is totally worth the transition. The hexagonal theme for this tattoo is an exception, and the animal looks like a rabid mongoose. We’re not sure what that flower means, except that art is freedom of expression.


Peel Slowly & See

This is real simple art. It displays the doggedness of the human spirit, as well as a constant search for identity and meaning beneath the banana peel. This is a pictorial description of the world most humans live in.


Letting Her True Color Show

These rose petals blooming across her shoulder indicate the artist’s flawless skin and keen attention to detail. Spot those shadows under each petal and how the rosy bloom compliments the woman’s skin.


Toe Grow

Ever seen toes without toenails? They look weird enough. Maybe this person designed realistic toenails over his two big toes to keep onlookers away. It looks better than the past, though.


A Slice Away Keeps the Sad Away

Pizza has been saving lives since whenever it came to America. For this ambitious store manager who lives from paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard to get by a week without your favorite pizza. When the going gets tough, eat a slice of pizza and get on with the rest of your day.


A Bit Distracting

Don’t you think? She’s prepped for a beachside summer trip and wants to get a skin tan at the next opportunity. As for that tattoo, she’ll buy a hot pair of bikinis to show off her body. Afterward, she’ll take a drive with the girls to downtown Florida and discover that almost every girl has a similar tattoo.


Gone but Not Forgotten

Color contrasting on this tattoo makes it so cool. The owner could be an aspiring archeologist in college or simply fascinated by dinosaurs. In any case, the person seems eager to keep the extinct species alive.


Is This Really Necessary?

Anyone could mistake this for a print on a T-shirt rather than on the skin. Imagine this lady enduring the pain of getting these writings inscribed on her skin when she could’ve done so on her T-shirt. Perhaps those words mean more than anyone else can understand.


I Love You from the Pit of My Soul

Another cute display of love through matching tattoos. The split avocado displays a more profound sense of yin-yang. More than ever, we can relate love stories to avocadoes.


Beta Art

This piece of beta art could be printed on a female or male person, depending on what side of the gender norms they’re on. A beta male uses this to show that he won’t succumb to societal expectations of an alpha male and chooses to preach this with his tattoo.


A Walking Masterpiece

This full-body tattoo requires a moment to absorb. With many sections connecting this piece of art to the skin, this art piece must have taken days to finish—Thumps-up to the artist and his patient muse.


Colon Crocodile

This crocodile looks charming, instead of dangerous, and the connecting dots must carry a spiritual significance. If you’re thinking chakras, then we’re on the same page. Nevertheless, this is a realistic way of connecting crocodiles to spirituality.


Weird Flex, But Okay

First, how did the tattoo artist get in there to get the job done? What’s more worrisome are those cavities, though. He could’ve signed up for a dentist appointment instead of getting a tattoo that’ll rarely find expression.


Nothing but Nipples

For this full-body art, only the nipples were spared. Most parts of his body mural are covered in art that reminds us of Da Vinci. Regardless, we recognize craftsmanship and intricate detail when we see it.


No Girls?

The X-symbol above his eyelids suggests he’s on a ‘no-girls’ journey. It could also be an artistic expression of sexuality or in extreme cases, diversity or bigotry. Only the tattoo bearer holds the answer.




When this person walked into the tattoo shop asking for a bumblebee tattoo, the artist never imagined he’d be drawing on feet. It wasn’t a quick job, but gratefully, the yellow-and-black bumblebee was worth the effort.


Cabernet Camouflage

It’s obviously a brave attempt to turn a skin imperfection into flawless art. The tattoo is nice and simple, yet sophisticated. Whenever anyone sees that red patch again, they won’t be asking questions. Problem solved!


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Her dragon tattoo is far from being ridiculous – it’s one of the coolest dragon designs on the skin. It’s better kept plain and simplistic, with more attention to detail. Multicolored dragons hardly make the best hits.



This inscription is probably the cry of a man frustrated with adulting. This guy is tired and has resigned to fate. He’s quick to let everyone know that as soon as they meet him, he’s underwhelmed and jaded.


Bionic Man

What better way to deal with an unfortunate situation than make a positive statement? Kudos to this man, who got this tattoo behind his one leg to show off his fighting spirit. The piece is crafted to the tiniest detail, showing those screws and bolts.


Daddy Longlegs

This guy figured out how to make a ‘call me daddy’ tattoo subtle and inviting. Carefully placed above the waistband, the long-legged spider aims to keep it all together. Finally, here’s a tattoo that doesn’t say, tramp.


Tribal Triangles

Using a black-and-red color scheme, she gets a stunning work of art on her back. The triangular design accentuates this tattoo, making the bird and wolf more realistic at first glance. Don’t forget the wolf’s eyes – what an exceptional finishing touch.


Cat Scratch Fever

This easy-looking tattoo looks fresh, judging from this photo. If you look deeper, you should see the original marker tracing lingering to the left of the tat. You have never seen a simple tattoo more accurate.


Slinky Arm

The lengths people would go to get jawbreaking tattoos! You can never be sure. This slinky armpiece projects an otherworldly realm of optical illusions. Each line blends seamlessly towards a gaping hole at the center.


Dangling by a Thread

This creative tattoo reminds us of psychics and spiritualists. Indeed, that tribal geometric design underneath her chin must mean something. Else it won’t be dangling by a thread in the middle of her face, visible to the entire world.


Walking in a Spiderweb

This stunning piece of body art may be connected to Native American tradition because its finesse is undeniable. Only a skillful artist would’ve struck a chord with the burnt orange behind the symbolic spider on the web.


Now That’s Love.

Before you blinked again, you probably thought the dog was a real tattoo. That shows the originality of the dog tattoo on the man’s chest. Now, the man can keep a memory of his dog where he treasured the most – his heart.


Baby Imp

This devilish little dragon is somewhat adorable. He bears a sense of mischief, even though he wants viewers to think he’s all sweetness. This tattoo tells us the owner likes to play pranks on roommates and friends.


Ummm… Is She Okay?

Another tattoo that fails to drive home any point. We don’t understand what this cartoonish ink girl is on this person’s forearm and why it should be tattooed in the first place. Either way, the owner must have a deep meaning we’re dying to hear about.


An Impressive Resemblance

Today’s not the first-day people inscribe their pets on their skin to create a lasting memory of their bond. Cats are less admirable than pet dogs, but they can be genuinely entertaining in the right hands. This tattoo captured the detached expression on this cat’s face, which looks exactly like the actual cat.


Two Peas in a Carrot

This is cute overall – we see friendship and perhaps couple-ship in this matching tattoo. While everyone’s familiar with the ‘two peas in a pod’ theme, this tattoo shows that people can work together despite their differences.


This is Unrivaled Genius

What’s genius about this tattoo art is Rick and Morty emerging in their 2D form through a scarred portal on a person’s three-dimensional body frame. This scene must’ve happened on one episode of Rick and Morty.


Butterflies, Rainbows, and Hibiscus

Her pierced belly button is the icing on the cake for this elaborate tattoo. It screams Hawaiian beach vibes, spring, and summer at the same time.


When Pigs Fly, How About Swim

Tattoos help to reach into your imagination and pull out your craziest fantasies. This one’s funny and subliminal enough to spark curiosity, Except that this tattoo doesn’t say much, except that this pig is learning to swim and survive.


How to Train Your Dragon

A cute baby dragon is hanging on to a bottle of Tabasco. This dragon shows a growing love for adult sips and will make a fine drinkard. The owner’s probably trying to prove that.


Big Toe Donut

Even though we don’t see the point of this tattoo, it’s still a funny piece of body art. Here’s a hungry Homer Simpson on one big toe and a mouth-watering donut on the other. Maybe the owner is a lover of The Simpsons and doesn’t want anyone to find out.


Smokers Can Appreciate This

Tattoos are creative expressions of our lifestyles and die-hard habits. This tattoo has an exciting choice of reflective blues and blues that makes this lighter come alive. Viewers can always appreciate the spark caused by this classic Chipper lighter.


Gemini Man

Indeed, a tattoo that Gemini folks would love. This drawing leaves an impressionable mark on the mind of viewers, like the owner’s skin. The twin-spired tattoo suggests that the other might be somebody’s twin.


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