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Mature Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Your hair is one of the prominent facials people see first whenever they meet you. Even as you age, you can keep trying out new haircuts and styles. Choosing the right hairstyle depends on your facial structure, hair texture, and purpose. You can try any of these contemporary hairdos to keep you looking young and fresh.

A Versatile Wedge

Keeping a wedge helps you maintain a flirty texture with your hair, and you always look younger. The model wears a modern wedge with extra layers that increase volume and interest. A wedge haircut is perfect for starting a carefree spring break.

You can sport this hairstyle while cruising on a road trip with the girls – it’s that cool. Wedge can also serve as a summer haircut. And even when it gets rough, you can restyle for more sleekness.


The Wonder Wedge for Curly Hair

It’s often difficult to find lasting haircuts for curly hair – that’s why the wedge for curls is such a lifesaver. This gorgeous cut focuses on the top before fading to the bottom. Wedge ultimately turns her naturally curly hair into a perfect fit for her face.

Curly hair can overwhelm your features if not properly groomed. But this cut is performed so well that it accentuates the model’s sharp cheekbones and jaw. Plus, all you need to sustain this cut is a little tease and curl reviver.


Coolest Edgy Pixie Cut

Perhaps you’re craving a daring and adventurous hairstyle to look younger, and this edge pixie might be your best friend. You can rock this hairstyle in subtle fades or bright colors, depending on your taste. Your stylist will clip off the hair on the sides and leave some hair on the top in the most fashionable way.

To make the look pop, you can spray some color at the top. The model in this photo chose an icy blue to compliment her beautiful look. Goodbye to days of judging people by their hair color – it’s time to embrace your youthful spirit.


The Shaggy Bob

It’s hard to reach fullness and texture when you have fine hair. Women with thinness constantly face this struggle – but there’s a way out. Fix your hair into this shaggy bob to give your hair extra layers and fullness. Also, pack in some highlights to enhance hair volume.

In case you don’t know, actress Meg Ryan is a huge fan of the shaggy bob. She’s carried many variants of this hairstyle at different points in her acting career. You probably don’t know that Meg’s signature bob is the product of an accident where she accidentally burnt her hair with a curling iron.


The Classic Bob

Even though bobs are super popular now, the real bob craze broke out in the 1920s. Classic bob hairdos complimented short dresses and other fashion items during that decade. Women also wore bobs to express their freedom of choice.

Since the 1920s, the bob has remained one of the top hairstyles for women. Because it’s so versatile, there are countless variations you can select from. Working class women also appreciate the bob for being so convenient.


The Illusion of an Updo

If you’re a pixie cut lover but need extra toppings, this updo-inspired pixie should be your next pick. It’s an elevated cut with some stacking and teasing towards the back, so it looks like a real updo.

For those with a longer-shaped head, an updo will create the illusion of fuller hair. So it’s a win-win. The model here does justice to her looks with a flirty bang and a gorgeous black hair color. You can never go wrong combining an updo and a bob.


The Best Bob for Wavy Hair

People with straight hair sometimes want to switch to wavy locks – it could also be the other way around. Yet, most people believe wavy hair is hard to manage because they get frizzy when you don’t take care of them.

The best way to sustain wavy locks is to choose a medium-length bob. Cut out the extra length and opt for short wavy hair. This model looks gorgeous with a medium bob, splashed with all shades of grey. For best results, you can complete the look with some side-swept bangs.


Easy, Breezy, and Fun

For those who don’t have time to style their hair with heat and products every day, they can opt for an easy breezy hairdo that produces a youthful effect. This style tops the list because it’s simple and classy.

Start by applying a tease for a carefree look, or slick your hair to the back to look sophisticated. Claire Underwood on House of Cards inspires the easy, breezy hairdo hairstyle. Her hair was perfect for every occasion she attended – and you can do the same too.


A Fuller Wedge

We are taking another go at wedges because we can’t seem to have enough of them. This wedge is unique because it’s more concentrated at the sides and exudes more drama. You can attain this look with natural curls or a perm to hold the wedge.

This style doesn’t just give you an extra length of hair, but you can also style however you please. You can work up your fuller wedge into an updo or even make cute pigtails out of them. Indeed, you’ll thank us for this hairstyle later.


Silver, Short, and Sleek

Getting a short, sleek haircut is just one side of the coin; the other side matches the right hair color. This photo confirms the importance of good hair color. Speaking of the haircut, it’s just a standard short bob that looks great on all types of women.

But this bob becomes exceptional because shiny silver shoots through the scalp. Silver hair is awesome until it starts to yellow. Gratefully, you can prevent yellowing by washing your hair with purple shampoo every day. If you maintain this sleek hair well, you’ll look younger than your years.


Layers Upon Layers

This haircut pops so well because it’s complimented with highlights and lowlights. It’s a short layered hairstyle with incredible dimension and depth stemming from the choppy cutting and specific hair color.

What we have here is bold, flirty, and youthful yet, so easy to maintain for a long time. Fans of Golden Girls may remember Rue McClanahan’s superb character wearing this fantastic look. It’s a perfect way to spice up your appearance during midlife.


Fun Box Braids

Box braids are a fantastic way to keep curly hair put together. These braids make your large mane manageable and offer a smooth finish. Older women who make box braids will look fresh and young, accentuating your facial features.

You can make fun box braids with natural and synthetic hair, especially if you have thin hair. These attachments protect your natural hair from wear and tear while providing extra length of hair. Curly hair ladies should jump on box braids because they save you time.


A Longer Bob

You’re probably starting to think longer hairdos are not for older women, right? That’s not the case. There are several ways for older women to wear long hair and look one. The first is a longer bob.

If you have a fuller face, a longer bob will fit you perfectly, regardless of age. Because long hair draws the eyes down, your face will appear thinner. The photo here is an example of a lady with a thick, longer hairstyle and a full face – we’re sure you get the point.


A Stylish Bob for a Longer Neck

Regular bob can become boring unless you style it often. So, add a fresh twist to your bob by making it layered and stacked. This stacking adds plenty of volume to the top of your head and falls into a sleek, sharp line that punctuates your feminine look.

This bob also enlarges the natural curve of your neck and shoulder, granting a sophisticated and poised look. Anyone with a high forehead might decide to pair this look with bangs. It gives off a sleek bob that’s elegant yet enigmatic.


Layered, Stacked, and Perfect for Summer

One look at this picture, and you’d think that this is the most straight hairstyle in the books. Yet, there’s a lot of thought and creativity that produces this look. What is it, then? It’s a stacked and layered bob complemented with highlights and lowlights for extra effect.

Those layers provide height and volume, ensuring the hairdo doesn’t look too flat. Since the bob is cropped high, older women can show off their stunning necks and shoulders – which exude youthfulness. This layered bob also gives the impression of a longer neck while helping you stay cool during summer.


Throw in some Youthful Color

Nothing scream youth than adding a splash of bright color to your hair. A lot of women hesitate when it comes to trying out crazy hair colors. Fortunately, this hairstyle confirms that you can do it elegantly and subtly.

There’s no need to go full punk rock to throw in some color in your hair. The model in the photo is wearing some bright purple in her silver hair. The purple is vibrant yet subtle and shows that older women can do more with silver or white locks.


Super Short and Cute

Let’s dial back to haircuts that are close-cropped and too short. Looking at the model in this picture, you’re not convinced about this idea. But if your face is suitable for this super short haircut, why not?

This hairstyle isn’t just spectacular or daring, but it finally helps you get rid of heavy locks of hair that trouble you. Now, you may breathe from new hair because you’ve been liberated from the shackles of untethered hair. Just kiddy, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go for it.


Red Carpet Bob

We present you this bob straight from the red carpet. Actress Keira Knightley is rocking a super short, inverted bob with a full stack. The layers are heightened with great color, creating the illusion of more volume at the top.

What this bob does is make your head appear rounder and give your face a youthful glow. As far as styling options are concerned, you can slick it back with some gel or tease. Women with smaller faces can try out this bob to express their petite features.


The Feathered Wedge

Many hairstyles invented in the ‘70s and ‘80s are still relevant today without looking outdated. The feathered wedge is one of those evergreen haircuts that’s stood the test of time. Dorothy Hamil first popularized it in 1976; women with this hairstyle still look amazing.

Hamil, an Olympic figure skating champion, found this look intriguing and functional for sporting purposes. Whether you share Hamil’s reasons, you can fix up a feathered wedge if you want to keep hair out of your face.


The Definition of Elegance

Shorter hair is quite beneficial, but longer hair can offer a similar effect to older women. This chic chignon is a perfect example – Older women can create a sleek bun that suits right into any formal or informal occasion.

One easy way to achieve this style is to create a ponytail at the nape and backcomb until it appears complete. Throw in some hairspray, roll the hair into a neat bun and secure it with hairpins. After one successful styling practice, you should be able to whip up this style in minutes.


Textured Pixie Cut

Whatever style you opt for, the texture is vital to achieving an elegant look. This cut is a variant of the regular pixie cut, but in this case, it adds a lot of texture that makes it appear high-end.

That’s why it seems that this woman is prepped to walk down a runway in Milan or turn up at some Hollywood afterparty. A textured pixie cut adds a little complexity to a simple haircut and makes you more youthful than aged.

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