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Prince William tells his friends that he and Prince Harry are no longer close

A source told The Daily Beast that Prince William thinks his relationship with Harry is “over” because Harry betrayed him and his wife. Volume 2 of Harry & Meghan will be released on Netflix on Thursday. The source was a friend of William and Kate’s who used to be close with Harry. They said, “The brothers’ relationship is over, and it doesn’t matter much what’s in the movies coming out this week.” “The general feeling is that they won’t say anything new.” But the damage to their brotherly friendship is done for sure, the source said, and it’s because William is so upset that Harry took the media coin. “William will never forgive Harry for telling everyone what he and Kate didn’t want them to know. Harry knows better than anyone how important William and Kate’s privacy is to them because he felt the same way. It was part of what brought them together. William can’t stand the fact that Harry, who knows how upset it will make him, is now giving them away to the media. This is not fair to William and Kate. It’s a very sad thing.” Prince William plans to fight back against Harry and Meghan’s “completely explosive” wedding. Netflix Documentary Friends of Charles and Camilla have also said that they feel sad instead of angry. A friend of the king and queen told The Daily Beast, “Charles can only stay calm and keep moving forward.” The last thing he wants to do is add fuel to the fire.”

Prince William, Prince Harry 'trying their best' to get along

But sources at Buckingham Palace have made it clear that they will fight back against facts that can be shown to be false. Last week, the Palace denied that Netflix had given it a chance to comment on the claims made in the show, even though Netflix said it had. In the end, the Palace had to back down from a strong briefing it had given to journalists and admit that a “third party” had asked them about the show. Even though it didn’t turn out to be the smartest fight to pick, it was still interesting to see that Charles isn’t ready to just give up. The Palace, on the other hand, has been quiet as Netflix has tried to stir up controversy and excitement before Thursday’s release with a glossy trailer that promised a lot but didn’t really say anything new. For example, Harry’s accusation that “they” lied to protect William but wouldn’t tell the truth to protect him and Meghan seems to be a reference to… the media.

William and Kate, Harry and Meghan reunite at Windsor Castle after queen's death | The Times of Israel

The fact that Harry and Meghan’s poll numbers are going down in the U.K. is likely to be good news for their supporters, advisors, and staff. This suggests that their decision to go public with their problems again has turned the British public against them. The Daily Telegraph says that Harry’s popularity has dropped by 13 points since November, while Meghan’s has dropped by 7 points. YouGov, which does polls, says that she is now the second least popular royal. Only Prince Andrew is less popular. One thing that gives the couple hope is that they are much more popular with younger people than they are in general. When similar surveys are done in the United States, it will be interesting to see how they rank there. But it’s hard to see how Harry and Meghan can keep telling the story that they’re the good guys when they spend so much time attacking both of their families on TV shows that millions of people watch. William, who is now the Prince of Wales, seems to have made up his mind for good. If this week’s new episodes don’t blow up any last bridges, Harry’s memoir, Spare, which will come out in January and reveal all the family’s secrets again, is likely to make William even more set in his ways. Kensington Palace, the London office of William and Kate’s staff, refused to say anything.


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