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Revisiting the stars of the past celebrities that we all grown to love and what they are up to now

Going back in time to revisit some of the past celebrities who have made a great impact in the entertainment world is so fulfilling. These celebrities have given their all to the entertainment world and it is no wonder why they remain very much relevant even today. In this article, we have gone back in time to select some of the screen favorites who we have all grown up watching and love their performances over the years. Enjoy.

Willie Nelson 87, $25 Million

Willie Nelson was a popular country musician who was well recognized in the 70s for his genre of music. The album, Shotgun Willie was a very huge success and it became a solid block on which he became very popular in the music scene. Willie was known to be very good with words and he used that to produce a series of poems and songs which were used to discuss the issues affecting society at that time. The country musician at one point established a personal business which later went into bankruptcy but he was able to pull through and became stronger after the predicament. Willie made his debut in the movie; The Electric Horseman in the year 1979 and he also later appeared in television and films. As a liberal activist, he is the co-chairman of the advisory board of the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws, a movement that also supports the legalization of marijuana.


Elinor Donahue 83 $3 million

Popularly known for the character she played as Betty Anderson on the 1950s classic sitcom, Father Knows Best, Elinor Donahue attained great heights in her chosen field. She played the role of the eldest daughter of the family in this classic sitcom and she rose to stardom from there. This 83-year-old actress never gave up on her acting career as she still appeared as a guest star on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless where she acted as Judge Anderson. This soap opera was her last TV credit as she bowed out of the acting scenes. Elinor Donahue is said to be worth an estimated net worth of $83 million.


Christopher Plummer 90, $29 million

As one of the popular and respected celebrities on the entertainment scene, this veteran actor has been relevant in the world of acting and Hollywood for over six decades. He has featured in so many films playing the role of some notable characters including Captain Georg von Trapp who was the head of the von Trapp family in the movie, Sound of Music. He also played the part of Emperor Commodus in the movie The Fall of the Roman Empire in 1964. His influence in the entertainment scenes is still very much relevant even up till today and he has earned so many awards, plaques, and trophies throughout his career. Some of the notable awards Christopher Plummer has won over the years include the thesis Academy Film AwardAAward and added triple Crown of Acting as the only Canadian to win this award. Others also include two Primetime Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award.


Julie Christie 80, $10 million

The 80-year-old British actress was one of the leading stars that began the group “Swinging London Era” in the 1960s from where she was able to pave a path for herself in the Hollywood scenes. Julie has won many awards and accolades over the years of her career including, a BAFTA Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe Award. About six of the films she featured in have been selected as part of the top 100 British films of the 20th century. To public knowledge, their last work Julie was when she played the narrator of the 2018 film titled The Bookshop.


Anne Buydens 101, $60 million

Anne is a well-known producer and actress who is also very stylish and always seen well dressed. It is then no wonder that she made it to the list of the international best-dressed list. The actress was known to be the better half of the late Kirk Douglas together with whom she established Harry’s Haven, which is an Alzheimer’s disease unit at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Home in Woodland Hills. The establishment was also named after Kirk Douglas’s father. After battling breast cancer and overcoming it, Buydens then made up her mind to support other women going through the same condition by putting in a large amount of investment, money, and time to help fight the disease. She also sponsors medical researchers and medical practitioners in searching for the best way and cure for breast cancer. Both Anne and Kirk are known and applauded for their efforts to help rebuild the playgrounds in Los Angeles Unified School District.


Tony Danza 69 $40 million

Tony Danza is a well-known multi-talented actor, TV personality, teacher, tap dancer, and also a boxer. He is famous for the TV series titled, who’s The Boss? and Taxi. Tony was nominated for the Emmy Awards and several Golden Globe Awards for his exceptional works in the industry. He currently still works in the industry but in much smaller roles and sometimes behind the scenes. He has also invested his fortune into numerous businesses and real estate properties. Tony starred in the Broadway musical  The Iceman Cometh and he received lots of praise and accolades for it. He again featured in another Broadway musical The Producers and later became the host of The Contender. Tony, later on, returned to Broadway in the year 2013, featuring in Honeymoon in Vegas


Alanis Morissette was Born in 1974

The Canadian-American singer came into the spotlight in the 90s with her genre of alternative punk rock. Morissette made songs such as Hands In My Pocket, You Oughta Know, Jagged Little Pill, and Hand Over Feet very popular during those years. Her song talked about and showed the rebellious nature of many young adults and teenagers of the 90s, and this saw her rise to fame becoming very popular among the young ones. Now aged 46, Morissette has evolved her style and has become more sophisticated and gracious. The singer also got married to Mario Treadway in 2010 and has since welcomed three children with him. Morissette has attributed her ever-young look to giving herself the best self-care possible and also to the use of oils and healthy body care products.


Angie Bowie was Born in 1949

Angie Bowie has remained a relevant name in the entertainment industry over the years and together with her ex-husband, David Bowie, they both had a beautiful career. David Bowie attributed lots of credit for his successful career to Angie Bowie as she helped him over the years in getting ready and being involved in his on-screen character one of the notable ones was Ziggy Stardust. Angie also worked as David’s manager for his songs including Golden Years. The couple has however separated and Angie went on to become a recording star before switching to journalism. Angie is now 71 years old and still appears in many interviews and reality shows where she tells her story. Just as it was before, Angie’s beauty remains the same even as she ages and she does not shy away from answering questions about herself once asked.


Chuck Norris 81 $70 million

This legend is popular among many action film lovers as he has acted in numerous films including working behind the scenes as a screenwriter and producer. Chuck created a martial arts discipline which he named Chun Kuk Do as he had a lot of interest in this field. Aside from creating the discipline, Chuck also went ahead to establish lots of schools around the world which focused on his martial arts teachings. Norris has made a lot of money from television and film even before going into martial arts. He has also worn the bestseller for the New York Times for some of his written novels. Norris is a prominent Christian and has also written books on religion and other things including religion, politics, martial arts, fitness, and so on.


Anni-Frid Lyngstad born in 1945

Formerly a part of the Swedish group known as ABBA, Frida back as she is popularly called back then was known to be quite reserved and shy. She later went on to start her solo career when she changed her name. Lyngstad in a later interview pointed out that she was quite shy in front of the crowd but admitted she was a calm and down-to-earth person, who is also easy to relate with. Her marriage with Prince Ruzzo of Ress in 1992 saw Lyngstad being named a princess. After the death of her husband the prince, Lyngstad began another relationship with Viscount Henry Smith with whom she co-founded WHSmith. The pair has been together since 2008 and has continued to live a calm and pleasant lifestyle. At 76, she still maintains a good physical appearance which makes her beauty one that stands out.


Beverly D’Angelo born in 1951

Famous for her performance in the Hollywood 1980 film, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Beverly had a blooming career when she partnered with Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s vacation. The mother of two had a very disturbing personal life but this has not deterred her from living a good life. She has however remained relevant to the entertainment industry but stays off the camera these days while living out her life to the fullest.


Bjork born 1965

Famous for her particular style and genre of music, Bjork has maintained her status as a sought-after artist all through the years. She came into the limelight when she went with the band called Sugarcubes in the year 1987. She however did not stay long with them as she went solo after relocating to the UK. Her genre of music includes electro-pop and electric songs which she made popular in those times. The artist from Iceland has continued to make her music even to date while she shuffles living in Manhattan and her home in Iceland.


Britt Ekland was Born in 1942


Britt Ekland was one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood during her youthful years and she made her debut in acting in the James Bond movie, The Man with a Golden Gun in 1974 where she acted as a Bond girl. The actress became quite popular when she had a high-profile wedding with the English comedian and actor Pete Sellers in the 1960s. However, the marriage didn’t seem to go well and they ended up getting divorced in 1968. Ekland has starred in many romantic musicals and she attributed her love for them to her romantic personality. Some of the musical personalities with whom she has acted include Lou Adler, Slim Kim Phantom, and Rod Stewart. Ekland mentioned going under the knife to attenuate her facial features, a procedure which she said yielded unfavorable outcomes. After doing away with these procedures including Botox, the actress has embraced her natural self and beauty.


Cheryl Ladd Born 1951


Cheryl Ladd’s beauty is one to behold as the actress has made a clear case for herself as one other woman to look up to. She starred in the movie Charlie’s Angels where she proved her skills and talents as a great actress. Throughout her career, Ladd has acted in several movies but one that stands out is the character of Grace Kelly in the 1983 TV series and this character is what many of her fans still remember the actress for. Now 69, Ladd is aging beautifully as she looks 20 years younger than her current age. The actress takes time to care for herself and her skin. She also credits her youthful look to a stress-free environment and also the healthy lifestyle she maintains.




For someone who eats and breathes fitness her entire life, like Denise Austin, many will think she’ll have an easy time maintaining her fit body and youthful glow. However, according to Austin, she also has her bad days but chose to remain focused. That is why at the age of 64, Austin is still a driving force that motivates many people to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Denise Austin’s success in life mainly revolves around her athletic life. At the age of 12, she began gymnastics which earned her a college scholarship. Austin also worked for the US government under the Physical Fitness and Sports Council. As she has a degree in physical education and is a certified fitness instructor, Austin could teach physical fitness. Austin has released several instructional physical fitness videos. Although her being a fitness enthusiast is one of the contributing factors to her youthful look, we cannot deny that she must have some beauty regimens.




Denise Richards is one of Hollywood’s most stunning celebrities of all time. She began her entertainment career in the 90s when she starred in the 1997 Starship Troopers film. Denise Richards is a Bond girl and she also played Christmas Jones in the 1999 James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough. Known to always portray the character of a dumb blonde girl, the actress has also played other numerous roles in films. Recently, Richards signed off from the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and at 51 years old, the actress still looks very youthful. Richards has admitted that she takes time to take good care of herself and her skin by investing in the purchase of oils, masks, and collagen. She also maintains a balanced diet and participates often in exercises to keep her body fit and in shape.




The actress and singer Raquel Welch first ventured into Hollywood after she won a role in the 1966 sci-fi film Fantastic Voyage. Welch also went on to film One Million Years B.C. overseas and this propelled her acting onto the international stage placing her in pop culture history. Throughout her career, Raquel Welch has won several awards and nominations which has further solidified her legacy in the entertainment industry. In the year 1995, Welch made one of the “100 Sexiest Stars in Film History” by Empire magazine and she was ranked number 3 among Playboy’s “100 Sexiest Stars of the 20th century” list. Also in 2011, the actress was ranked number 2 in the “Hottest Women of All Time” list in Men’s Health. At 79, Welch still looks very beautiful and she doesn’t play with her self-care routine and this has made her age gracefully over the years.




Tatyana Ali is an actress and singer who started her promising career at the tender age of six years old. The actress has now grown in the entertainment industry as she has featured in several movies including Sesame Street in 1985 where she acted as Eddie Murphy’s younger sister in the sketch show Eddie Murphy Raw. She also acted in the movie, Crocodile Dundee II and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She portrayed the character of Ashley Banks in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and that allowed her to make a household name for herself. Tatyana Ali produced her first album called Kiss the Sky and three of her singles made it onto the Top 100 songs on Billboard. The actress holds a degree from the prestigious Harvard University and she has appeared in many television roles in her career.




Didi Conn rose to stardom when she starred as the French character Grease in the teen movie. Even today many people still associate her with the role when they come to meet her. Didi Conn is now 69 years old but she is still very youthful and her appearance glows all the time. The actress is married to her husband, David Shire and the pair have been together since 1982. The couple has a great and long relationship which has weathered many storms over the years. The actress still makes references to the set of the Grease movie and also stated in an interview that the teen movie was supposed to be a sequel with the original casts reprising their roles but the producers of the movie thought otherwise and never allowed the idea to see the daylight.




Donna Mills is known for appearing in both TV and films where she has played several characters. Admitting that aging is something she cannot avoid, she has tried to maintain her physique in the perfect way possible. Donna Mills kicked off her career in acting in 1966 to the early 1970s when she was cast in the play Misty For Me and she started alongside the infamous Clint Eastwood. Throughout her career, she has won several awards for her roles in Knots Landing, General Hospital, and also Best Mom. Mills is a single mother of one as she adopted a daughter in 1994 who he raised alone because she never got married. Donna Mills who is now in her 80s has managed to keep herself young and also maintain a stress-free life while enjoying her life to the fullest.





Eileen Davidson is famous for her various appearances on the TV screen and she has been hailed as the primetime queen. One of her notable credits is that of her character as Ashley Abbott in The Young and The Restless, which ran for more than four decades. Davidson was also praised for her character in another TV soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful, which was also a primetime hit series and has earned her numerous awards. The actress has also featured in numerous films such as The House on Sorority Rows, Eternity, and Easy Wheels. The actress did not just acquire her fortune from acting only as she also has several novels which she has written. The elegant actress is popular and also loved for her role in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is aging beautifully even at 61 years of age, her beauty is still radiating.




Even at the age of 60, Elizabeth Perkins still stands as one of the American actresses of all time who is great at what she does best. Her acting career and performances cannot be forgotten in a hurry and one of such is her character in the movie, The Flintstones which portrayed the character of Wilma Flintstone. Perkins has accumulated many awards throughout her acting career which was built a long time ago. A while back, the actress was down with a health condition which made her step away from the entertainment world and the limelight for a while. She however returned to the scenes in 2011 acting in the movie, Hop as Bonnie O’Hare. She has also received many nominations including two Golden Globe nominations and three Primetime Emmy nominations. Elizabeth has worked as a voice actress where she voiced Coral in Finding Nemo.




Anthea Kimberly also known as “Kym ” Karath is an American actress that is popular for the character she portrayed as Gretl, the youngest of the Von Trapp children in the classic film, The Sound of Music. Kym didn’t make the top spot in her movie making as she only appeared in a few films aside from the sound of music. She ventured into modeling when she moved to France when her acting career didn’t go as she hoped. She went to France and was able to obtain a degree. The actress would always be remembered for her character in the film The Sound of Music.




Bern Nadette Stanis is an author and actress that is very prominent in the entertainment industry. She acted as Thelma Evans in the sitcom, Good Times during the ’70s. She played the role of the only daughter of Florida and James Evans Sr. in the television program. The actress has also appeared in a couple of television programs which contributed to her rise to stardom. As an author, Stanis has written four books which include, Situation 101: Relationships, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly; For Men Only; Situation 101: Finances; and The Last Night. Bern Nadette Stanis has also collaborated on a book that is an aid to show her excellent understanding of how to handle finances and its other related aspects.


We have revisited some of the stars of the past who made waves in their chosen field of entertainment in the 1950s and 1960s. These celebrities have warmed the hearts of many as they do what they know how to do best which is to entertain. We are sure you will find your favorite among our list above and reminisce on their films you just can’t get over and those you will love to watch on screen again. as they do what they know how to do best, which is to entertain. We are sure you will find your favorite among our list above and reminisce on their films you just can’t get over and those you will love to watch on screen again.


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