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Simplest skincare routines

Like most things in life, there’s a process to skincare. As a matter of fact, caking several applications together without the proper steps and procedures could render all the products useless. In order for the application process to be effective, the products should be applied the right manner. Here’s what you might be doing wrong in your skincare routine and the right way to apply your basic skincare necessities. So, the best thing to do is figure out which products need to be applied first, mostly the products that are absorbent and need to sink into your skin. But of course, the actual application steps would depend on your products, your skin type, and your needs. It would be much better for you to consult your dermatologist or do some research first. The list we’ve composed is one that is most common and pretty much one of the simplest skincare routines there is.

For Morning Skincare


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Cleansers as the first step aren’t something we should be shocked about. Cleaning your face is the most crucial process to skincare after all. Remove any history of the night you’ve slept through by washing it all off with cold water and cleansing soap or any type of cleanser you may own. In the morning, it’s best to use cold water to really wake you up as well as depuff your face and tighten your skin.

2. Toner

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Toners may not always be on everyone’s process but if you do have a toner, we recommend using it after you’ve already cleansed your face. Toners remove the excess dirt that the cleanser couldn’t including any dead skin cells. Toners are usually used before any vitamin application or cream to ensure a smooth surface to work with!

3. Serum

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No matter what type of serum you’re using, you have to be putting it on your skin before any cream product. This is because serums need to go into your skin and be locked in. Having your skin absorb the serum is the only way the vitamins have access to your cells and can make the magic happen.

4. Eye Cream

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Now, eye cream and moisturizers don’t have a specific which-goes-on-top order so swapping these wouldn’t be too life-changing. Eye cream and Moisturizer though are much thinner than most other products you use on your face like foundation and other makeup so it makes sense that they should come first. To apply, lightly tap eye cream from your fingertips, this is to prevent any further damage and fine lines.

5. Moisturizer

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Moisturizer doesn’t only add moisture, it locks it in as well, making sure your skin doesn’t dry out. So it’s a no-brainer to apply your moisturizer after you’ve cleansed your skin entirely and added in the vitamins it needs to replenish itself. Moisturizers will always be the OG skin help for budgeted skincare enthusiasts.

6. Sunscreen

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Never forget to apply sunscreen people! And yes, applying sunscreen at the very end of your morning routine is the best way to keep moisture locked in and your skin safe. For best safety, dermatologists suggest at least SPF 30 for daily use and don’t forget to reapply to keep the UV rays away.

For Night Skincare

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It’s practically just the same routine but if you own any retinoids, we suggest using them right before sleeping. The most optimal time to apply them is after your toner and before the serums. But of course, retinoids are quite strong and need to be applied gradually, in case any of you are newer to retinoids. Retinoids contribute to skin that becomes more sensitive to sunlight so use stronger SPF if you are. Lastly, at night be sure to sleep. A whole 8 or more hours are crucial for flawless skin. Not to mention being in deep sleep at 11 pm and 1 am to catch those beauty hormones too. A good night’s sleep won’t only make you look fresher in the morning, but you’ll be feeling fresher too and then you’ll soon realize you’re already doing so much in the morning with such a bright smile on your face. Remember, skincare won’t do all the magic by itself, you have to take care of yourself physically by sleeping well, working out, and eating well too! There’s no point in doing it right if you don’t plan to take good care of yourself. Again, the steps we’ve mentioned above aren’t applicable to everyone. All of us have our skin types, our own methods, and our routines. Figure out what’s best for you but remember the light to heavy method of using the lighter products before the heavier ones. Stay flawless, stay slaying.

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