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Stunning Photos that Show the True Scale of Things

This blog is a lookbook of fascinating photos that capture the bizarre side of life. From a computer smaller than a grain of rice to a giant slug the size of a rabbit – relax and uncover the not-so-popular things that are real.

A Juicy Grub

You can easily identify grubs by their cream-colored exoskeleton and tiny brown heads – they’re gelatinous-looking worms that eventually turn into beetles. Grubs make their home underground, and they could be that patch of grass in your garden which is not green.


The Mountain

This is the professional strongman nicknamed “The Mountain” and starred in the popular Game of Thrones series. Hafbor Julius Bjornsson is a 6-foot-nine, 440-pound beast beside his wife, Kelsey Henson, who’s about ¼ his size!


Thar’ She Blows

This gray whale is one of the oldest living sea creatures, notable for its heavily encrusted barnacles across its skin. With a long life spanning up to 80 years, this whale can weigh up to 90,000 pounds. Compare that with a huge sea vessel – rather than people on a boat.


Coconut Crab

The coconut crab is one of the largest terrestrial arthropods, primarily found in the Indian and Pacific Ocean islands. It’s also referred to as the robber crab and is heavily hunted in those regions because of its met. This weird creature can grow up to one meter in length and weigh up to ten pounds.


Basically Batman

These man-sized bats, AKA flying foxes or fruit bats, make their home in tropical habitats. They feed on fruits, plants, and insects. Weird fact, these bats rely on sharp eyesight for sensing instead of regular echolocation.


A New Dog Breed

Didn’t believe this bunny wasn’t on steroids but actually a Flemish Giant Rabbit breed. It weighs about 15 pounds but can grow up to 22 pounds. This rabbit usually makes a lovable family pet, and you’d like to care to domesticate these species.


A Baby Ghost Crab

The Ghost Crab typically has one claw larger than the other and a box-like body when it matures into adulthood. However, these crabs are so cute when they’re just babies. It is mostly nocturnal and pale when freshly hatched.


Sequoia National Park

Sequoia Natural Park is home to massive Redwood trees, which can last as long as 1,800 years. It’s one of the oldest living tree species with a magnificent 380-feet-maximum height and 30-foot-wide-diameter trunk. When counting gigantic trees, remember to number the Redwood species.


The World’s Tiniest Computer

The University of Michigan created the world’s smallest computer in 2018, which can fit perfectly on a grain of rice. With dimensions of 0.3 millimeters by 0.3 millimeters, it appears IBM has launched an even smaller computer which is the size of a grain of salt.


The Lion Mane Jellyfish

The Lion Mane Jellyfish is one of the largest species in the sea, often located in the English Channel and the Irish Sea. The highest recorded Lion’s Mane has a body about seven feet in diameter and tentacles reaching over 120 feet long.


The Anaconda

This 25-feet long reptile is essentially made up of muscle weighing up to 550 pounds. Anacondas are no children’s fairytale and can be spotted in South America. This creature can outwrestle an enormous crocodile, so there’s hardly any hope for a human being.


The Leatherback Turtle

Here’s another giant sea creature which is the largest of all turtles. The Leatherback Sea Turtle doesn’t possess a bony shell like other turtles and can stretch up to 8.9 feet in length. They’re certainly one of the scariest creatures alive!


A Tiny Turtle

This one’s the complete opposite of the leatherback turtle. It spends most of its years on land and is smaller than regular household fruit. Don’t despise these turtles because of their size, and this one can live up to 150 years.


A Monumental Beached Tree

Could this be a beached Redwood or some tree yet undiscovered? Either way, here’s another massive tree, both in height and weight. Perhaps, the almighty ocean currents might be able to blow this one into the water.


Realizing the Mistake

You grow giddy when your friends want you to come on their neck rock-climbing trip. But you’re only halfway up and decide to breathe some air when you realize your mistake. It’s too late now – keep climbing!


160 Pounds of Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff is famous for protecting families and their livestock during the nomadic ages. Its double-fur coat makes it the perfect guardian dog and causes this breed to look larger than it actually is. Yet, this dog weighs about 160 pounds, and we’re not joking.


Two Hungry Hippos

The physical features of hippos are aesthetically appealing, and just look how small a newborn is compared to its mother. Adult males can weigh more than 3,300 pounds, while females are 2,800 pounds in size. Newborns, on the other hand, are just a meager 55 pounds.


The Giant Squid

There’s a lot of difference between a small squid and a giant squid, and these giants can stretch up to 60 feet for females and 43 feet for males. What’s even mindboggling is that the first live pictures of a giant squid were taken in its natural habitat in 2004.



We’ve all gaped at the size of the Titanic, the largest sea vessel depicted in James Cameron’s blockbuster film. The Titanic was definitely a movie worth a rewatch. But do you know sea vessels have increased in size compared to 1912? Here’s a photo of a modern-day ship paired side by side with the Titanic – the difference in size is all too clear.


A Big Baby

Fat Pat from Ballarat is the oldest wombat ever lived, aged 29 years. It’s also the largest, last recorded weight at 88 pounds. In case you’re wondering, Ballarat is the wildlife park where he spends his days. Thankfully, someone’s giving this big baby a hug when it is most needed.


Inside the Heart of a Blue Whale

Obviously, the world’s largest heart should come from the world’s most enormous creature. The heart is also the size of a small compact sedan, weighing about 400 pounds. And yes, that’s two humans hiding out in its aortas.


Just Massive

It’s impossible to shrink this fun fact – the sun is just massive. The sun’s diameter is 109 times the Earth’s diameter, and that’s 864,000 miles wide. About one million piles of earth can fit into the sun. Are you still asking how much this flaming ball weighs?


Two Men

Michelangelo created the statue of David more than 500 years ago, yet David still needs help taking care of himself. David meets his new caretaker, this man, who spends quality time cleaning out generations of filth from poor old David.


An Eagle Claw

Eagles can fly 100 miles an hour, and the adult Common Eagle which weighs about 15 pounds, can do even more. It’s seven feet long, with talons capable of reaching two inches in length and can inflict up to 1,000 pounds per square inch worth of damage.


A Giant Slug

We’re still trying to understand this photo. But the giant slug sure looks like a tiny rabbit with antenna ears and a shell for protection. Let’s forget about rabbit stew, have you had slug stew before?


A Semi-Truck and Construction Dump Truck

We have a typical semi-truck on the right which costs about $200,000 for a new piece, with a capacity of 34,000 pounds. On the other side, that’s a Caterpillar mining truck costing about $3.4 million for a new piece. Fortunately, this big guy can pull up to 75,000 pounds.


The Moose Walks Where the Moose Walks

An adult male moose weighs 1,500 pounds and is about seven feet tall. It can stretch up to 10 feet, and you can see ordinary humans cowering when the moose appears.


Ants on a Pyramid

The famed pyramids of Egypt are made of granite and limestone, about 481 feet tall, with 2.7-ton or 1.3-ton of building blocks. No wonder people look like ants standing on those pyramid blocks because the structure is enormous.


A Lead – Visualized

Even though Usain Bolt is no longer in the race to defend his bolting 27.8 mph sprinting speed, he doesn’t need to. We still remember him as the ‘greatest sprinter in world history, and this image or that memory can suffice.


Nature’s Power

This photo depicts the splendor and magnificence of this waterfall as one of the natural wonders of the world. This waterfall also dwarfs the person in a yellow rain slicker in the foreground.


Mega Ship

You can hardly estimate the size of a ship by staring when it sets sail – there’s always an elaborate structure underwater that powers the vessel. This photo captures a ship in drydock, completely outsizing the humans who work on it.



Here’s another image of a man dwarfed by the columns of this government building. It also passes as a metaphor for showing the overwhelming power of bureaucracy over people in society.


Not Quite Merry Little Christmas

This photo tells the entire story. It shows how large the Rockefeller Christmas and its Christmas tree are. This gigantic complex outsizes the horde of skaters hovering below.


Empire State of Mind

We can spot a construction worker working on the Empire State building. All that height! This building had the entire New York City looking up to it when it was built in the 1930s. It’s still one of the tallest buildings in the city.


Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the geodesic sphere at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. It’s the largest structure of its kind anywhere in the world. In this construction photo, we see workers chilling on top of the 180 ft. structure.

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