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The NFL’s most hated players ever ranked

In the game of football where players get to have their fans and people who love what they do, there are some players and athletes who keep getting hate from fans and even their teammates. There are also rival fans who just hate the other team for no particular reason all in the name of sportsmanship and the love they have for their team. You will find some fans rooting for the failure of players or teams that they do not love while at the same time also rooting for their team and players to succeed. Many players have been hated by their fans and rival players. Some players also get to be hated for their behavior or how they play their game. Here are some of the most hated NFL players ever ranked.

40. Marshawn Lynch

Not many fans and even the media have any form of love for this player as he is known to activate his beast mode while on the field. He is known to be a very rough player who kicks and body slams other players on the field. Lynch is also famous for always subbing the media and refusing to speak with them even for an interview at any time. Although Lynch is said to be a free-spirited person, not many fans love his personality and style of play.


39. Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski is a famous player in the NFL but he of course also makes our list of the most hated NFL players ever ranked. The number 69 player is not loved by many just like his counterpart, Marshawn Lynch. His demeanor and attitude are said to breed contempt and this has made the player fall short of the love of many of his fans and even teammates. His style of play is also not liked as he often shows the ugly side of himself even on the field.


38. Rodney Harrison

This player is notorious as a very dirty player when on the field even when he played with the San Diego Chargers. He later went on to join the Patriots dynasty of the 2000s and this move made more people hate him. At one point, Harrison was fined up to $200,000 for his style of playing which was rough during his career.


37. Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham Jr. gathered a lot of hate for himself when his New York Giants went up against the large fan base of the rest of the NFC East. Coupled with his personality, many fans and teammates have found it quite difficult to relate with the player.


36. Lawrence Taylor

Taylor is a very difficult player to control when on the field and this led to him being suspended for about 30 days in the year 1988 when he tested positive for the use of cocaine which is a banned substance. The player also has a long list of drug abuse and other related problems which almost damaged his career. Even as one of the greatest players of that time, he managed to get the hate of many of his team’s fans. The team tried to hide some of his flaws but the ones made public did not make the player less hated.


35. Jim McMahon

The player made sure to have attracted lots of hate for himself during his career for his style of play. Jim once attended a press conference where he was drunk and he openly spoke ill of his coach Mike Ditka and commissioner Pete Rozelle. McMahon is still one of the most hated NFL players and he is also disliked for the comments he was said to have made concerning the people of New Orleans during the commencement of Super Bowl XX.


34. Richard Sherman

Sherman attracted plenty of hate for himself during the Seahawks’ Super Bowl run with his attitude and rude talk. Sherman is known to always speak his mind even when many people are angry about it and this has angered many fans.


33. Ricky Williams

Williams has been hated by fans who believe he was not entitled to get the privilege that was given to him by coach Ditka. The coach mortgaged the team’s entire draft to allow Williams to take the fifth overall in 1999. Williams was also entangled in a controversy that occurred when he became the poster child for the use of marijuana by NFL players in the 2000s. Due to this behavior, the player was in turn suspended for an entire season in 2004.


32. Keyshawn Johnson

The wide receiver’s attitude earned him nothing but pure hatred among fans; he however lost his support in New York when he bashed a popular player, Wayne Chrebet in his book. Despite Johnson winning a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, he was removed from the roster in 2003 after he kept on fighting with the coach Jon Gruden. With his bad attitude and rude behavior, Johnson didn’t stay put in a particular team as he was known to be going from one team to the other to get a place to play.


31. Mark Gastineau

Gastineau attracted much hate during his career and many still hate the player even after he was done playing. His sack dance was banned in 1984 when it became an offensive. The player again went ahead to cost his team a chance at the playoff game which was to take place against Cleveland Browns in 1986.


30. Bryan Cox

Bryan was a notorious player who at one time was removed from a game because he fought with Carwell Gardner. The player has so many bad qualities which have made a lot of people have nothing but pure dislike for the athlete. He is also known to be a nasty linebacker. He knows how to get his fans angry and make them hate him all the more.


29. Vontaze Burfict

Burfict is known as a very dirty player and this has in a way rendered his skills useless as many do not want to even get to see him as a good player. Burfict has been suspended multiple times during his career for his style of play which did not sit comfortably with many people including his peers. In 2015, during the AFC Wild Card Game Burfict cost his team the victory when he made a cheap shot on Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.


28. Hines Ward

Ward was known as one of the best-blocking receivers of his time but the player was not loved by many due to his style of play when on the field. Even his teammates disliked his style of play and he was also awarded the Dirtiest Player of the NFL by his mates in 2009.


27. Jack Tatum

Tatum, nicknamed “The Assassin”, was one of the great players for the Raiders of the 70s. The player was known for his strength and ability to defend the tactics of the opposing players while on the field. His famous game was during a pre-season game that was to be played against the Patriots; Tatum hit Darryl Stingley so hard that the player was left paralyzed for the rest of his life. This attracted plenty of hate from fans with many complaining of his tough and rough method of play on the field.


26. Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan was disliked by many people and was termed crazy and dirty during his years of active play. In 2010 when Andre Johnson had a scuffle with him which resulted in him being thrown down, many people found it worth celebrating, that is how much the player was disliked by many people.


25. Chuck Cecil 

Cecil was nicknamed “Scud” for his style of play, tackling like a missile shot, the player was fined so many times during his career. One time he was fined for throwing himself into one of the players of the opposite team crashing into the player with his helmet.


24. Chad Johnson

Johnson attracted lots of dislike for himself when he wore a fake Hall of Fame jacket to celebrate his win on the field. The player is also known to celebrate his wins in some bizarre manner which makes many of his fans wonder if the player is composed and knows what he is doing.


23. Brett Favre

Looking back at Favre’s career, not many people remember this player very fondly. Even the Packers fans who were his, ended up getting tired of the player’s antics. His charade was also one of the many reasons he is not loved. One of such notable times which increased the hatred the fans had for the player was when he sent his lewd pictures to the television host Jenn Sterger for his retirement.


22. Tim Tebow

This player has a calm appearance but that does not allow fans not to hate the player. Tim Tebow is a very religious person and does not hide this fact about himself. OneanyManyOneanyManyns’rreasonon he is a devout Christian and many also said that there was too much hype surrounding his person.


21. Cam Newton

Cam Newton has been hated by fans right from his very first day in the NFL and this dislike for the player increased when he ran over the NFL in the 2015 season. Cam was again pulverized in the super bowl 50 which made him cut short his game press conference very short subbing the media. This singular attitude of the player has made many fans loathe the player and don’t even want to mention his name at all.


20. Delon Sanders

As a cornerback player, Delon Sanders attracted the dislike of many fans and even his teammates for his not-too-good personality and his style of play. The cornerback player made many fans go mad with him for his style of play and also the trash talk he was known for saying. Sanders was also not liked by many people even as he went around from one team to another never staying long with one particular team. Delon is known to have switched from the Falcons to the 49ers team before bouncing over again to the Cowboys. Behavior that did not sit well with many fans and even his fellow players.


19. Randy Moss

Randy Moss surely knew how to get his fans upset and mad with him by behaving in some not-too-good ways. The player was quite mischievous on the field leaving the fans no choice but to dislike his style of play and personality. Once the player squirted a referee with his water bottle which earned him a suspension. He is also known to have left the field early even when he should still be available for play. His nonchalant attitude and personality have made a lot of people and fans hate the player.


18. Richie Incognito


Maybe because he has a heavy body build, Richie Incognito is noted as a very rough player whose style of game and play was appalling for many people. Even his fans did not find the player easy to love. Known as a bully on the field, who made playing with his teammates very difficult. For the attitude of his and his style of play, Incognito was suspended and made to sit out for an entire season in 2014 and was subsequently out of the league. He is mostly hated by the Miami Dolphins for hazing his teammate Jonathan Martin during a game.


17. Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel had a lot of controversial issues while in the NFL and he is noted as one player who was hated for the embarrassment he caused the Cleveland Browns with his drug abuse, alcohol, and party problems. These issues did not allow the player to give all he could to the game as he was suspended or was under the influence of the drug he took. The player was however made to sit out the field for two seasons for his behavior and addiction as well. For this reason and his addiction, Manziel is one of the most disliked NFL players for Cleveland for a very long time.


16. James Harrison


Known as a dirty player, Harrison has made it quite easy for many fans to hate him and his style of play. The player has been fined so many times for his rough style of play including body slams and other various hits while on the field. He was fined the sum of $100,000 in 2010 for some of his hits while at play.


15. Conrad Dobler


Conrad is one player that has attracted the hate of teammates and opposing fans as well. The player is hated by mostly the opposing team because he always tries to hurt them and he is not sorry to do so. As a lineman during his years of play, Conrad was a very nasty offensive player who had no mercy while at play. His style of play was also not loved by his fans and teammates and this made his NFL career not so good.


14. Albert Haynesworth


Albert Haynesworth has always been a hated player and many do not like to even mention their name. The player was hated even before he came to play for Washington. The player is disliked majorly for his unbearing attitude towards the cowboys center player, Andre Gurode which he portrayed during a game in the year 2006. Albert went on to sign a deal of $100 million with the Redskins and then he made his way to the team. While he stayed there, the player was known to be a very difficult one and would antagonize his coach and mates and also give little or no effort to his game. It was not just easy to love this player because of his attitude to not just his mates but to the opposing side as well.



13. Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler is known to have a very bad attitude on and off the field. The player is very easy to hate and he usually gives the impression that he does not care about anything or the consequences of his actions. He is known to be the face of the memes like Smokin jay and others. Jay also did not have a very good final year in his career with the Bears and Dolphins.


12. Michael Irvin


The player became the poster child for the haters of the cowboy dynasty in the 1990s. Irvin was hated by the Eagles fans and he was booed when his career came to a stop with an injury to show for it.


11. Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson is another hated player in the NFL who has been in different types of assault cases. This Vikings player earned himself a suspension for the 2014 season when he was enmeshed in a reckless assault case that occurred as a result of him disciplining his son with a switch. Not many people appreciate their style of play of Peterson, maybe it is due to the assault case leveled against him.


10. Adam “Pacman” Jones


Jones was always in trouble throughout his career in the NFL and he was also suspended in 2007 for an entire career because of the attitude and the trouble he brings to the field. He was also fined to a tune of $35,000 in 2015 when he injured a fellow teammate, Amari Cooper by slamming his helmet into the player’s head. Williams again attracted the hate of many fans when he was part of the Bengals’ meltdown of the AFC Wild Card game.


9. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben was hated throughout his career as a result of being enmeshed in a series of sexual misconduct allegations he faced between the years of 2008 to 2010. Not many know the player due to the hate by fans and he is also not very popular outside Pittsburgh.


8. Bill Romanowski


Although this player is famed for knowing how to play very well as he has won up to four super bowls for his team, he still was disliked by many who are not his friends. Romanowski was involved in a lot of misconduct while at play including breaking the jaw of Kerry Collins, kicking the head of Larry Centers, spitting in the face of J.J. Stokes, and throwing a football at Bryan Cox. The list of the player’s endeavors goes on and this is just why he couldn’t make a lot of friends while he was playing in the NFL. Romanowski was also known to always anger opposing players and their fans at every opportunity he gets. Another notable misconduct of Romanowski was when he again punched his teammate, Marcus Williams in the face. Bill Romanowski just couldn’t be loved by many because of his bad attitude.


7. Colin Kaepernick


Kaepernick was never liked as many people saw his attitude as being cocky and he also didn’t see the reason why he should care. However, Kaepernick experienced another level of hatred from fans in 2016 when the player refused to stand when the national anthem was been sung. Due to this particular act of his, Kaepernick was unable to sign with any other team when his contract with San Francisco ended and he also stepped on the toes of many people along the way making his career end up sadly.


6. Ray Lewis


Lewis was at one point in his career charged with murdering two men at a party in Atlanta and this affected his career at the beginning. Although the player has been cleared of all charges of the murder and has become a model citizen, he still gets jeered at and booed by his opposing fans.


5. Tom Brady


Brady had a successful career with many victories attributed to him but this and his lifestyle have made him hated by some of his opposing fans. They do not like the fact that Brady was bailed out by the “Tuck Rule” for the Spygate scandal and Deflategate.


4. Greg Hardy


Greg was the poster child of scorn for players who were accused of domestic violence in 2015 and this comes after the Ray Rice hysteria. This also made the Caroline Panthers cut ties with the player due to the domestic violence accusations. Hardy has been flushed out of the league since the end of the 2015 season when he went on to the Cowboys side. He couldn’t play much on the field there and going over there did not revive his almost damaged career. The player is continued to be hated because he shows no sign of remorse for his actions even till now.


3. Ndamukong Suh


As an old-school defensive lineman, Suh played pretty well but he has always been disliked outside the cities he played for. Some of the major incidents that stood out for Such were when he body slammed Jake Delhomme, he also stepped on Aaron Rodgers’ leg, and stomped Evan Dietrich-Smith. All of this and more did not allow the player to get any love outside his cities as many fans disliked his style of play.


2. Terrell Owens


Terrell Owens is known as one of the talented receivers that have made it in NFL history. Even with his incredible style of play and abilities, Owens just couldn’t be loved by many. He made enemies when he was with the Eagles Super Bowl team in San Francisco by his public feud with McNabb. He also wasn’t welcomed in Dallas. Owens made it to the Hall of Fame as a first-ballot player but he was inducted until his third year.


1. Michael Vick


Vick missed out in the 2007 and 2008 seasons as he was serving his term in prison for dogfighting in a ring. This happened at the peak of his career with the Philadelphia eagles. Even after serving his jail term staying clean of any kind of animal abuse, the animal rights activists never liked the player and they were always looking for him even when he stopped being in the spotlight. Vick has now retired and he is praised for his victories and recognized as one of the greatest Atlanta Falcons in the history of the team. This however does not still make many people love the retired player as they are still angry about what he had done in the past.


Here is our list of the top 40 players of the NFL who have always been hated either for their lifestyle or style of play. Some of these players have become very irrelevant as many people still remember their transgressions anytime their names are mentioned. Few of the players mentioned here have retired from playing but no one seems to be willing to love them still. You can also add and share with us your list of players you dislike in the NFL.


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