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The Style Of Interior Design That Suits Your Personality

Almost everyone would choose their home as their top favorite space to be. This is because it is the most comfortable place to unwind after a long day, among other purposes. So, you have to ensure the space is a reflection of your personality, and you should decorate it as such. According to Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin, choosing an interior design style you enjoy as a starting point will help you focus on the look and feel of the space and how you want to feel inside it. More than ever, she believes, people are aware of the impact that the environment has on both their physical and mental well-being. “Having a well-planned, carefully curated place has an impact on how your body unwinds, recharges, and presents itself to the outside world.”

5 Interior Design Styles That Reflect Your Personality – Myindianthings

What is the most effective strategy to make your house a true reflection of who you are? Adapt it to reflect your personality type. To help you make your residence a place that reflects, intensifies, or calms some of your emotions, we enlisted the aid of a psychologist and several interior designers.

The 5 Types Of Personality

Doreen Dodgen-Magee, PsyD, a psychologist, lecturer, and author of Restart: Designing a Healthy Post-Pandemic Life, provided us with additional information about the “Big 5” personality types (also known as OCEAN). She claims that there are five primary types of personality: neuroticism, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness.

The Big 5 Personality Traits - YouTube

  • Openness: Individuals that are open to new and varied experiences.
  • Conscientiousness: People who value completing jobs effectively and take activities seriously. They are careful, diligent, and effective.
  • Extraversion: The tendency to seek out social situations with others and more intense stimulation.
  • Agreeableness: being friendly, warm, empathic, and environment-adaptive.
  • Neuroticism: People who tend to react to stress with extreme anxiety are said to be neurotic.

Suitable Interior Design Style For Each Type Of Personality

How you connect with places, including your own house, depends on your personality. According to Dodgen-Magee, “We live, act, think, and feel outside of our personality qualities in conscious and unconscious ways.” Interior design can advance our development while also enhancing who we already are.

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Consider your main character features to choose the interior design aesthetic that best suits your personality, advises Lucas Goldbach, partner and design director of En Masse Architecture and Design. According to him, it “sets the tone by creating an emotional connection with the environment.” Every design aesthetic expresses particular values.

Openness: Eclectic Sign

Our experts advise an eclectic interior design style for persons who are free thinkers and creative. For Emily Williams, the chief designer at Z Properties, a design-build-interiors company with offices in Florida, bright colors and layered motifs immediately spring to mind. Think about irregular shapes, surprising features, and the blending of various patterns, textures, and colors, she advises.

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Abby Gruman of Abby Leigh Designs continues, “This interior design concept is great for open people who love to tour the world and want to display their treasures in their house.” According to her, “[this style] frequently denotes a cosmopolitan individual, and these travel adventures are represented in an eclectically arranged home, [like] presenting sculptures and art.”

Conscientiousness: Minimalist Style

According to Alexandra Peck, owner and principal of Alexandra Peck Design, conscientious people prefer to live highly structured and practical lifestyles; thus, a minimalist home base is ideal. “Choose simple and clean-lined elements to generate a successful, stunning minimalist interior space,” advises Peck. “I advise using natural materials and fabrics whenever possible, such as linen, white oak wood, wool, and light-toned, lime-wash paint for walls and ceilings.”

Minimalist Interior Design Style: 7 Interesting Ideas for Your Home!

According to Williams, every component should be created with productivity in mind because conscientious people place a high value on it. She says that a streamlined, practical room shouldn’t feel frigid and that “all functions of the [minimalist] home are useful or have some form of significance or utility.” “Things aren’t too ornamented, but the area still has charm.”

Extraversion: Modern Style

According to Williams, since extroverts are the life of the party, their room should reflect that. The most effective approach to channel this enthusiastic, active way of life is through contemporary interior design, which is a concept based on open spaces. She describes her ideal home as having large seating areas and unexpected gathering spaces. Everything fits together nicely, and more importantly, no matter where a person is in the house, there is always a place for them to set their drink down.

Modern Interior Design: 6 Key Types for Roomsets

Gruman advises enhancing the open floor plan by including other contemporary design components, such as warm neutrals, grasscloth wallpaper, and comforting fabrics; Goldbach suggests bold, high-impact pieces as alternatives, too, such as a sculptural sofa or statement rug.

Agreeableness: Traditional Style

According to Peck, if you fall into the agreeable personality type, you might be reluctant to pick a daring interior design theme because of your sympathetic nature and desire to create a setting everyone would love. That being said, you should still have a space that is visually stunning. She recommends a classical look founded in history, making it timeless, classic, and recognizable to guests.

What Is Traditional Interior Design Style?

Peck advises finding old furniture made of materials like velvet, worn leather, and dark woods. Warm-toned, hand-knotted area rugs and polished brass or oil-rubbed bronze lighting fixtures with off-white linen shades complete the room’s look.

Neuroticism: Coastal Style

Dodgen-Magee suggests an approach to interior design that is both calming and engaging because people with neurotic personality types frequently have significant anxiety levels. Designers claim that Mediterranean or coastal-inspired home designs are both because they take us to the sea, where calm color schemes and the sound of the waves crashing simultaneously calm and awaken our senses. Since typical elements like houseplants and neutral paint colors all aid in stress reduction, these interior design trends also provide a homey feeling, according to Low.

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Use light and airy hues (such as light blue), cozy carpets and couches, linen window treatments and upholstery, light oak wood, and grasscloth wallpaper to integrate these design themes in your house.

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