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There are several advantages to Dry January especially to your health

With the Holidays just around the corner, the celebrations are amidst us. Not to mention all the drinking that come hand-in-hand with festivities. For more reasons than one, we just can’t help ourselves to a little bit (or a lot) of booze to make the season feel more jolly. Though it’s all fun, there’s always that guilt after drinking way too much, in that case, it’d be useful to consider Dry January. Of course, since we’ve been on lockdown, not a lot of us have had the opportunity to drink out with the family or the group. But we do know that as the pandemic lies low, parties are going to evolve once again and so will endless drinks.Although group gatherings have been canceled, studies have found that the cases of alcoholism and drug addiction have been high through the pandemic, alongside depression and anxiety. We are aware that drinking and other vices can often take the stress away but it really just makes everything so much worse. But thankfully, the increasing rate of people who take the month of abstinence mean a lower level of overall alcoholism throughout the year. Perhaps Dry January could be a start of a great practice toward sobriety. Now Dry January isn’t just for those who drink almost every day, it’s for everyone who’s looking to start their year a little differently. Even those who only drink occasionally or moderately can participate and would feel so much better at the end of the month. Want to know more? Keep reading the article!

So what is Dry January?

So I made it through dry January. Now what? | CBC News

Pretty basically, it’s taking the whole month of January off from drinking any alcoholic beverages. We don’t mean you go completely dry and not drink anything at all, just try and make a difference in your year by starting it sober. It turns out that Dry January stems from 2013 by an NPO in the UK raising awareness of alcohol abuse. Word got around and it started to become more of a trend with people joining in on the alcohol fasting.

Is Dry January the right choice for me?

Well if you’re a heavy or binge drinker and have even the slightest bit of regret going through the holiday parties, perhaps considering Dry January is the right choice for you. Heavy drinking and binge drinking have terrible effects on our health both mentally and physically. They can contribute to memory issues, sensory and motor discoordination, liver diseases, and high blood pressure among many other complications. The thing is, you’re not losing anything by trying out Dry January. It might be hard and there will constantly be temptations, you will feel like taking a sip but teaching yourself not to will improve your discipline as well as give you so many other beautiful effects. Avoiding drinks as much as you can for a whole month will automatically make you feel so much better.

Speaking of Better

There are several advantages to Dry January especially to your health, aside from saving up more money of course. Here are a few good things that’ll happen after or during Dry January:

1. More Sleep, More Energy

Lack of Sleep May Make You Eat More Calories - NDTV Food

Okay, so you might think we’re messing with you on this one but trust us. Drinking alcohol actually funks up your sleeping. Oftentimes, you can’t reach REM sleep so you’ll be feeling a lot more tired in the morning. Notice how you wake up after a night of drinking, no matter how long you sleep, you still feel restless.

2. Clearer Skin

How to Get Clear Skin | 14 Tips for Clearer Skin - L'Oréal Paris

Alcohol contributes to dehydration and that is nowhere near good for your skin. Having a clear drinking diet will make your skin glow like it never has before! A whole month of that and you’ll nearly be looking unrecognizable even without intensive skincare.

3. Weight Loss

Weight loss: Where do people lose weight first? | The Times of India

Do you find yourself eating more after you drink? Well, alcohol usually does make you feel hungrier at times. Along with that, a drink usually has about 150 – 200 calories. Weight loss is yet another advantage to Dry January and you’ll even see yourself less puffy.

4. A Better Immune System

How Does the Immune System Work?

Giving your body the chance to rest from all the drinking will contribute to a better immune system. Your organs are given the opportunity to function the way they’re supposed to without the extra load. If you chose the path to sobriety, you’ll find yourself healing from a cold a lot faster or just having a stronger immune system in general.

5. Less Anxiety

Anxiety among millennials is on the rise

Hangxiety is a type of anxiety you get during a hangover. If you’ve been through it you probably know how stressful they can be. Well, say goodbye to hangxiety for a whole month with your Dry January.

6. Fewer Headaches

Fewer monthly migraine days observed after 6 months of Vyepti vs. placebo

Headaches during a hangover don’t go away that easily. Often, after drinking so many alcoholic beverages you become so dehydrated that your brain can’t deal with it.

7. Health Improvement

The role of the iPad in healthcare | UK Healthcare News

Your overall health will improve drastically after Dry January. Avoiding alcohol would reduce your blood pressure levels, clear your organs and make you a whole lot healthier than you were a month before. We only want what’s best for you. Trust us, even just a month of no drinking or minimized drinking will change the way you live entirely! And if you decide to stick to sobriety after January, that’s even better. In a longer period of time, you’ll notice the amazing changes sobriety has on you.

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