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There is a New and Unique Way to Deliver Estrogen for Helping Women with Osteoporosis

Did you know that estrogen is likely to increase the chance of acquiring ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and other illnesses? However, that happens when you inject it throughout the body instead of in just one location. Estrogen is a potent hormone that supports the operation and growth of many bodily functions. One of those jobs is controlling the continual formation and destruction of new bone tissue in our bones, which is called bone metabolism.What Hormone Replacement Therapy Can and Cannot Do: Gary Willen, MD, MBA:  Gynecologist

Research shows that a new estrogen delivery method could be a more successful treatment for female bone fractures. Scientists also propose that a localized and single injection can speed up the healing process. For example, they studied that a single localized estrogen injection to treat a broken bone in a post-menopausal rat hastened the healing. Dr. Charles Cha is among one of the researchers who is an assistant professor of surgery at Stanford University. According to Dr. Chan, most stem cell research involves male animals as subjects. But there is less research on females. That makes it difficult to understand why the healing process differs for women from men. George Yang, who is a professor of surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, along with Dr. Chan, came to the following realizations, which instigated the study:

  • Female and Male Immune Systems are Different
  • Bone tissues are living organs that are being created and rebuilt constantly.
  • The bone marrow, a soft tissue with stem cells, produces our immune system.

Scientists wanted to determine whether stem cells may cause the disparity between how men and women heal. So, they began investigating if the skeletal stem cells of both genders differ.Eat these foods to boost estrogen level in the body - Times of India

The researchers surgically removed the ovaries from female mice to replicate menopause. Then, to provide localized estrogen to the broken bone, they used a crushed pill to apply directly to the incision. The mice without any ovaries could recuperate more quickly because of this procedure. The experiment also showed how post-menopausal female mice would have a healthier recovery, thanks to the localized estrogen. The administration of estrogen did not affect the male mice. Women who are undergoing menopause can strengthen their bones by receiving estrogen injections. Since estrogen can increase the chances of acquiring ovarian, breast, and other illnesses when injected throughout the body, we can minimize this risk by injecting it systemically. One in two women will fracture a bone in their lifetime due to osteoporosis. This bone disease emerges when the body produces excessive or minimal bone. As a result, bones deteriorate and are more prone to breaking from a fall or, in extreme situations, from tiny bumps or sneezes.

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Osteoporosis makes our bones porous. When we view healthy bones under a microscope, they appear like a honeycomb. As osteoporosis develops, the spaces and holes in the honeycombs become larger. That’s because osteoporotic bones have lost mass or density and attain an abnormal tissue structure. When bones are less dense, they are prone to fractures because they are too weak. Statistics reveal that one in every two women over 50 will break a bone. All women older than e 50 or older who have had a fracture should inquire their doctor about a bone density test. Since a woman can’t feel she is undergoing osteoporosis, it is often called a ‘silent disease.’ Unfortunately, a broken bone is one of the first signs that help women detect osteoporosis. Some patients also observe their upper back bending forward or notice growing shorter. Remember to visit a healthcare provider or doctor immediately if your spine is curving or you are losing inches. A variety of medical procedures and conditions increase the risk of osteoporosis. Remember to consult a healthcare practitioner or your doctor about how to maintain the health of your bones if you have or are about to develop osteoporosis. In the future, elderly ladies who fracture their bones or have osteoporosis will benefit from these research outcomes. The findings may also help speed up recovery in people undergoing gender transition surgery or getting dental implants.

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