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1.   Let go of the Jersey Dress Trend

The 38 Best Summer Dresses in 2022 | Marie Claire

Each of us has a favourite, most comfortable T-shirt that we enjoy wearing. One common item in lots of women’s dressers is jersey dresses. There are numerous justifications for why the jersey dress craze ought to halt. Even though jersey dresses are cosy, they will make you look older. The cotton fabric usually clings and bunch up in all the wrong places, highlighting every flaw. The quality screams cheap, and the jersey dress wrinkles easily. If you must partake in this fad, limit yourself to wearing it as a nightgown and just inside. If possible, avoid being seen in a jersey dress during the day.

2.   Overuse  of Pastel

Best Pastel Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone - L'Oréal Paris

In recent years, pastels have appeared on numerous catwalks, particularly in spring and summer collections. They can give you a light, airy vibe and work with various complexion tones without making you look pale or washed out. Pastel colours might look good on you as you age, but they can also be an overused trend. Head-to-toe pastels, especially those in coordinating but discordant tones, might give off an overly girly vibe that suggests you’re trying to channel your inner schoolgirl. This impact can be strengthened if the pastels have cartoonish patterns. If you must wear only pastel hues, add cream, beige, or another neutral color to the outfit. A pair of well-tailored dark grey or blue pants can be a quick repair to add a sophisticated aspect to an otherwise mature outfit, perfectly matching your color scheme.

3.   Floor Length Skirts

Why a maxi skirt is more right for now than you might think

Longer hemlines may seem like a good idea as women get older, but wearing overly long skirts can make anyone look older. One should be very careful about how long their skirt is. Floor-length skirts conceal legs while also enveloping the complete female body. It results in a bloated and unattractive appearance. Make sure to choose a tighter, more form-fitting top if you wear a lengthy skirt.

4.   Reduce the use of powdery makeup

The Best Setting Powders For Oily Skin to Buy on Amazon | StyleCaster

As we age, our skin will inevitably develop flaws, especially on our faces. To cover up these darker areas, some women pile on powdery facial cosmetics, which is harmful to us. Covering up serves the opposite purpose of attracting attention to you and the copious amounts of makeup you’ve applied. Applying excessive amounts of makeup makes you look older. Instead, concentrate on cream foundations and tinted moisturizers. Save the powder and use it only where you think it is necessary.

5.   Same lipstick and cloth colour

Purple Lipstick Ruled The Versace Show At Milan Fashion Week

Sometimes it’s a good idea to mix and match your makeup to go with particular lipstick colors. Got dull clothing on? Put on a vibrant shade of red lipstick. However, there is a limit to how closely you should match the color of your lipstick to your clothing. The trend is outdated already.

6.   Extra long hair

80+ Best Layered Haircuts for Long Hair to Have More Movement

Women frequently believe that having long, flowing hair will make them look more youthful. They think that having long hair will enable them to blend in. The idea is that having long hair helps conceal whatever flaws or self-doubt someone may have. In actuality, women with excessively long hair look considerably older. According to many hairstylists, ladies should choose a longer bob that doesn’t overtly age them. Extremely long hair will make you look older and heavier.

7.   Throw out the shoulder pads

2022 - Fashion trend: Emphasized shoulders are the must-have for spring

Wear shoulder pads if you’re going to a costume party with an 80s theme. Otherwise, there is no justification for wearing them. Any dress with shoulder pads is a definite no-no and will look dated. Wear shoulder pads if you’re trying for a boxy appearance and want to look ten years older. Choose something with a more structured appearance if you’re looking for an alternative solution. While some suit coats can have powerful shoulders and look chicer, others can have bulky shoulder pads that get in the way and make you look older.

8.   Matched Tracksuit

Tracksuits for Men From Adidas, Nike, ASOS & More – Footwear News

Tracksuits have returned to the public consciousness after a protracted absence. We comprehend. They are regarded as “athleisure,” or clothing that combines sports and leisure activities. When you awaken in the morning, putting on a coordinating tracksuit is simple. Although it may be fashionable, it doesn’t necessarily belong in your closet. Okay, we understand if you’re going to the gym. If not, avoid wearing a tracksuit. And under no circumstances, if one must wear a tracksuit, match it with heels. You will look older than you are. Pick a piece to wear sparingly with another item, or forgo the full outfit

9.   Making your neck non-existent

Kuku Hosiery Highneck Sweater for Women | Turtleneck Woolen Sweater for Girls | Winter Plain Pullover top (Blue, Light Pink, Yellow) : Clothing & Accessories

Although turtlenecks hide the skin on our necks, nobody is looking any younger as a result of this fashion choice. When a turtleneck is too tight, attention is drawn to it. Additionally, wearing a turtleneck in the incorrect season could make others wonder what’s going on below. A person’s declining skin tone may contrast with the turtleneck’s color. It’s best to avoid turtlenecks altogether.

10.   Keeping the same hairstyle for years

How to Grow Out Your Hair - Celebs Growing Out Short Hair

It may be time to upgrade your hairstyle to something a little more in line with the times we age, as hairstyles tend to fade and go out of fashion. Changing your hairstyle can be a sensitive subject and might appear drastic. At the same time, it can be difficult to part with a distinctive hairstyle you’ve had for years; changing it up every few years or so is essential, just like with fashion.

11.   Dark Lipstick ages you

Makeup Mistakes That Age You | Oro Gold Cosmetics

Dark lipstick is typically worn when we’re feeling a little moody or when we want to look appropriate for the cooler months. While it may seem fashionable, doing this makes you look older. Dark lipstick can make thinner lips appear more pronounced. Darker tones, however, might make every fissure and crack visible because as we get older, our lips drier more quickly. Applying heavy lipstick colors to cover up thin, pale lips draws attention to the effects of aging and should be avoided.

12.   Matchy-matchy Jewellery

4 Majestic Matching Rolex Watches & Gemstone Jewelry Sets

Much like a large statement piece, overly matching accessories make one look older and heavier. Wearing identical bracelets, earrings, and that bubble necklace is a surefire method to age your appearance; you don’t have to wear them all at once. Wear them sparingly instead. Separate them into parts that can be worn with various outfits. Increase variety and produce more eye-catching styles.

13.   Stop wearing floral patterns

How To Wear Floral Print Outfits All Year Round - Major Mag

Avoid wearing floral designs on your clothes because they are outmoded and make anyone wearing them look older. There is a delicate line between fun and cute and garish and loud clothing. Smaller flower patterns will work well if you wear floral apparel, but larger floral prints and prints with polka dots or animal prints should be avoided. To appear younger, stick with more geometric and abstract patterns.

14.   Poorly fitting underwears

The 14 Best Underwear For Curvy Women With Very High Standards — The Candidly

Many different types of underwear are available, and many are made to withstand anything. This eliminates any justification for donning ill-fitting, exposed undergarments. ASAP tuck those straps aside. Even when you’re dressed nicely, those ill-fitting undergarments might still stand out and cause unsightly lines. Visit any lingerie store and obtain a measurement for a quick remedy. Purchase underwear that is comfortable and easy to hide.

15.   Baggy outfits

The Baggier, The Better: How To Style Baggy Clothes Like A BOSS –

People believe that getting older means they may fit into their clothes more readily as they age. It’s comfortable, loose, and regarded as “in style.” Contrary to popular perception, though, leave that baggy outfit hanging. Given that they don’t highlight shapes, big clothing makes one look much older. If you’re going to wear a baggy article of clothing, combine it with something a bit tighter—a tighter top with loose-fitting jeans, or vice versa. Avoid going all out and slipping into your loose-fitting, sleepy sweatpants mood.

16.   Put an end to the love for long sleeves

Bella Canvas Flowy Long Sleeve T-Shirt Printing UK | Fifth Column

Everybody has a body part they are self-conscious about, especially as they age. The arms are one of the most typical trouble spots. With time, the upper arms have a tendency to sag, dangle, and flap. Long sleeves are intended to conceal sagging arms and deflect attention away from that area of your body. However, wearing long sleeves may have the opposite effect. There are appropriate times and places to wear long sleeves, but if you continue to do so exclusively, you risk attracting additional unwanted attention to yourself.

17.   Shiny, tan tights

QILINXUAN Ladies Party Shiny Glitter Glossy Stockings Pantyhose Tights Hosiery Socks -

A bad choice of tights will undoubtedly sabotage an attractive ensemble. To make skin look younger and more natural, women now wear shiny, tan tights underneath their clothes. Sadly, this pattern is actually aging society. If one must wear tights, stick to dark colors like navy blue or black with an opaque style because tight and tan tights have been out of style for a time.

18.   Dark and heavy eyeliner

Dramatic Black 'Cat-Eye' Liner Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

Applying a lot of eyeliner and drawing a dark, thick outline is undoubtedly a sombre style that will make anyone look older. For several reasons, wearing dark or thick eyeliner makes one look older, so it’s preferable to adhere to the maxim “less is more.” Even the youngest makeup wearers’ faces feel heavy after using thick eyeliner. A disaster is guaranteed if you use thick, dark eyeliner because it will smudge throughout the day and highlight your aging problems.

19.    Grandma purses

21 Grandma Purses You'll Actually Want To Rock For A Totally Timeless Look — PHOTOS

It’s important to get the appropriate purse, and while it may seem smart to choose something small, structured, and preferably made of leather, this ostensibly elegant style leans a little too close to the geriatric zone. Choosing a bag with a slouchier, easygoing, and youthful style is advisable.

20.    Throw out the brooch

Victorian Diamond Starfish Brooch - Michael RoseWant to stand out and be more memorable? Try pinning on a brooch - ABC Everyday

The brooch is a bygone fashion item and a topic that needs to be brought up. It’s possible that this striking item was handed down from one generation to the next or that you purchased one while out antiquing and decided it would be appropriate to wear. A brooch should always be kept in your jewellery box and out of sight, regardless of the circumstance. Most outfits look good without overly dazzling accessories. Avoid wearing brooches at all costs.


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