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Who is Abigail Spencer, Meghan Markle’s friend? In “Harry & Meghan,” her “Suits” co-star and a lifelong friend stand up for her

Abigail Spencer, Meghan Markle’s lifelong friend and Suits co-star, was part of her close friends giving commentary in the Harry & Meghan Netflix doc, which released the final three episodes on Thursday. Spencer remembered the first time Markle revealed to Spencer that she was covertly dating the British prince was over champagne at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. The actress participated in Markle’s baby shower before Archie was born and attended the 2018 royal wedding. She also observed how her friend was subjected to unfavorable and racist media. According to Spencer, at first and during the wedding, it was almost like they were building her up, then everything suddenly changed, and there was simply no reasonable explanation. According to Spencer, she played a key role in the February 2019 People magazine cover article, which featured Markle’s friends sharing uplifting accounts of the actress to contrast the negative portrayal of her in British tabloids. Markle revealed to Harry that she was having suicidal thoughts a month later.Abigail Spencer Shares Defense of Meghan Markle Amid Bullying Claims - E! Online

Spencer told her friend at the time, “I was quite afraid. It was a very gloomy moment. And I was at a loss for what to do. The problem is that they are a part of a complicated organism about which I know nothing and cannot offer any advice or assistance because I am not authorized to speak. I was not permitted to speak.” In the end, the couple left England in the early months of 2020 and relinquished their positions as senior royals. Spencer was one of the few who came to see them at their temporary residence in Canada. She was also present when they entered their permanent residence in Montecito, California. Sadly, Markle miscarried that day because she was pregnant and stressed out from a lawsuit with a UK newspaper. Markle “dropped to the ground” in agony, Spencer recounted. The two women developed a close relationship before Markle was a duchess. In 2018, Spencer revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they had first met at an audition more than ten years prior. She remembered thinking, “Who is this wonderful girl?” when she first met her. We met because “she was simply so gorgeous, and there was just something about her,” and “Markle is one of the most glorious persons I have ever met.”

VIDEO: Meghan Markle and Abigail Spencer leave The Surrey Hotel following lunch date

Their bond became stronger when they debuted on the 2011–2019 television series Suits. Spencer played Dana Scott in a recurring role, and Markle played Rachel Elizabeth Zane. They became friends because they were both born on August 4, 1981, according to a piece on Markle’s previous website, The Tig. They refer to themselves as “birthday soul sisters,” she claimed. We met and became close friendships somewhere in the cosmos of things happening for a reason and stars coming into line,” Markle wrote. “Even though I’m all about logic and practicality, it’s these kinds of ‘coincidences,’ these implausible realities, that make me feel like a hippie-dippie. We do refer to one another as “birthday soul sisters” and just so happened to reappear at dinner (after not seeing each other for a year) wearing similar leather jackets with rose gold hardware, the same thin gold ring on the same small finger, and craving the same glass of Viognier. It has to do with our tastes and preferences, or it could just be something in our stars.

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She called Florida-born Spencer, who previously starred as Don Draper’s mistress Suzanne Farrell on Mad Men, “an extraordinary force to be reckoned with” in the same piece. Additionally, Spencer has appeared on Hawthorne, Rectify, and Grey’s Anatomy. She made her acting debut in the All My Children soap opera. After she and Harry started dating seriously, Markle departed Suits, and Spencer told Parade that her friend left “a great giant Meghan hole that can’t be replaced.”In the document, Spencer claimed to be the author of the People magazine article featuring Markle’s pals standing up for her. She defended her online as well. She talked about a 2015 meetup they had in Austin in an Instagram post from March 2021. She has demonstrated nothing but generous professionalism on set and a more generous friendship off-camera, according to Spencer. Spencer further explained how Meg has taught her so much. The impact of a personal note, the beauty of unexpected blossoms. “She probably has a running list of suggestions for the heart, soul, and body in her head… She has physically embraced me at my darkest moments and has always been there for me: after my dad’s passing. She took me into her home and cared for me after a devastating breakup. If I needed it, there was soup and salad in the kitchen. She has adopted my son as her own. I can’t express to you how important it is to have another working mother to turn to when facing the rigors of visibility and experiencing childbearing woes. She has always been a place of safety for me, a person I can crumble in front of… and with. And I have.

Who is Meghan's Suits friend Abigail Spencer? And is she related to Princess Diana? | HELLO!

Spencer, who divorced her ex-husband Andrew Pruett in 2012 and has a son named Roman, opined to E! News in 2019 that Markle would be a wonderful mother. She is fantastic; I think that is a given. She is amazing, and the child is incredibly fortunate to have them as parents. Spencer stated, “When you’re chatting to Meghan, you feel like you’re the only person on the globe,” in the 2017 Vanity Fair cover story about Markle. And seeing her so in love is just fantastic. Perhaps there is an even stronger bond between them? Parade questioned Spencer about her relationship with British Spencers, such as the late Princess Diana, the mother of Harry. She retorted, “That’s so funny – my grandmother swears [we are], but I’ve never looked any farther.” “Who knows,” you might say, “but I did meet a number of Spencers [in England], and I am a Spencer.” One of several Markle friends who spoke on the record in the documentary is Spencer. They also include tennis legend Serena Williams, producer Silver Tree, novelist, and producer Lindsay Jill Roth, publicist Lucy Fraser, and producer Silver Tree. Jessica Mulroney was one buddy who was conspicuously missing. Although she appeared in videos and one of their text messages was exposed on camera, their relationship is allegedly over, but neither has made a public statement about it.


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