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Woman accidentally records her sick golden retriever’s pleas for help

The urgent warnings that a golden retriever gave to his pregnant owner were caught on film, and now the touching video is going viral on TikTok. Brittany Welsh, a mom and TikToker (@mamabwelsh), got over 1.2 million views when she posted a video of the amazing moment when her dog, Charlie, realized something was wrong with her pregnancy. We’ve seen dogs’ keen sense of observation and emotional intelligence go viral before, like when these worried dogs ran to their mom’s side as soon as she started crying. But Charlie’s medical intervention shows that dogs know a lot more than we give them credit for.

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Brittany’s video starts with, “Once, when I was eight months pregnant, my dog was trying to tell me something was wrong, but I didn’t understand.” Then we see Charlie excitedly licking his human mom’s face, sniffing her belly, and squeezing himself under her arms. Charlie then sits nervously in front of Brittany, panting and showing her “whale eyes.” This is a way for dogs to show that they are worried or stressed by showing the whites of their eyes. After giving Brittany’s belly a good sniff, Charlie paws at her foot and calf until he gets under her leg and lifts it. When Brittany puts her foot back on the floor, the dog does the same thing all over again, squeezing himself under her leg to prop it back up. Brittany took Charlie to the doctor right away because he was acting strangely. At the doctor’s office, it turned out that Charlie had good medical instincts. ‘Dogs are amazing’ Nearly a thousand TikTokers went to the comment section to praise Charlie’s amazing instincts and talk about how their own dogs were also very smart. “Both times I was about to give birth, my dog knew before I did. “Dogs are great!” wrote one user. “I took a pregnancy test because of my dogs! They acted like they did when I was pregnant with my first child,” said another user.

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“My dog knew I was pregnant before I did, weeks before I did. He started sleeping next to my belly all night, and he did this for 9 months. “He’s never done that before,” wrote someone else. “All day, my dog slept on top of me and growled at me when I tried to move. So I went to get checked out, and when I got there, I was 5 cm dilated and in active labor,” one user said. “My dog did this!! Another user said, “It turned out that she had the cord around her neck, and my blood pressure was through the roof, but I couldn’t tell because I have POTS.” “I worked at a dog daycare, and a couple of the dogs were going crazy at my belly just like him. I was pregnant and didn’t know it,” said someone else. We may never fully understand how dogs know what they seem to know, but it’s clear that they watch over us with the same care and love that we do.


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